eBooks published in January 2016

Climate change and marine top predators

Climate change affects all components of marine ecosystems.

Below is a list of Frontiers eBooks published in January 2016. All Frontiers eBooks are free to download.


Breaking the cycle: attacking the malaria parasite in the liver, hosted by Ute Frevert, Urszula Krzych and Thomas L. Richie

The two-way link between eating behavior and brain metabolism, hosted by Tanya Zilberter

The impact of learning to read on visual processing, hosted by Tânia Fernandes and Regine Kolinsky

Microbial responses to environmental changes, hosted by Jürg B. Logue, Stuart E. G. Findlay and Jérôme Comte

An Open Book: What and How Young Children Learn From Picture and Story Books, hosted by Jessica S. Horst and Carmel Houston-Price

Advances in Farm Animal Genomic Resources, hosted by  Stéphane Joost, Michael W. Bruford, Ino Curik, Juha Kantanen, Johannes A. Lenstra, Johann Sölkner, Göran Andersson, Philippe V. Baret, Nadine Buys, Jutta Roosen, Michèle Tixier-Boichard, Paolo Ajmone Marsan

Climate change and marine top predators, hosted by Morten Frederiksen, Tore Haug



Parkinson’s Disease: Cell Vulnerability and Disease Progression, hosted by Javier Blesa, Jose L. Lanciego and Jose A. Obeso

General Anesthesia: From Theory to Experiments

General anesthesia is a standard medical procedure in todays’ hospital practice.

The Role of Glia in Plasticity and Behavior, hosted by Vladimir Parpura and Tycho Hoogland

Homeostatic and Retrograde Signaling Mechanisms Modulating Presynaptic Function and Plasticity, hosted by  Jaichandar Subramanian, Michael A. Sutton and Dion Dickman

Neuromodulation of Executive Circuits, hosted by  M. Victoria Puig, Allan T. Gulledge, Evelyn K. Lambe and  Guillermo Gonzalez-Burgos

At The Top of the Interneuronal Pyramid – Calretinin Expressing Cortical Interneurons, hosted by Nada Zecevic, Zsófia Maglóczky and Filip Barinka

Brain Cholinergic Mechanisms, hosted by Sukumar Vijayaraghavan and Geeta Sharma

Individual Differences: From Neurobiological Bases to New Insight on Approach and Avoidance Behavior, hosted by Daniela Laricchiuta

Biosignal Processing and Computational Methods to Enhance Sensory Motor Neuroprosthetics, hosted by Mitsuhiro Hayashibe, David Guiraud, Jose L. Pons and Dario Farina

Turning the Mind’s Eye Inward: The Interplay between Selective Attention and Working Memory, hosted by Elger Abrahamse, Steve Majerus, Wim Fias and Jean-Philippe van Dijck

Neurofeedback in ADHD, hosted by Hartmut Heinrich, Ute Strehl, Martijn Arns, Aribert Rothenberger and Tomas Ros

Stem Cells and Progenitor Cells in Ischemic Stroke – Fashion or Future?, hosted by  Thorsten R. Doeppner and Dirk M. Hermann

Plasticity of GABAergic Synapses, hosted by Andrea Barberis and  Alberto Bacci

Neuropsychology and Neuropsychiatry of Neurodegenerative Disorders, hosted by Manuel Menéndez-González and Tania Álvarez Avellón

Sleep and Chronobiology in Plasticity and Memory, hosted by Jason Robert Gerstner and H. Craig Heller, Sara J. Aton

General Anesthesia: From Theory to Experiments, hosted by Axel Hutt and Anthony G. Hudetz



Thyroid Hormone in Brain and Brain Cells

Thyroid hormone signaling has been known for a long time to be required for proper neurodevelopment and the maintenance of cognitive functions in the adult brain.

Toll-Like Receptor Activation in Immunity vs. Tolerance, hosted by Christophe M. Filippi

Regulation of Tissue Responses: The TWEAK/Fn14 Pathway and other TNF/ TNFR Superfamily Members that Activate Noncanonical NFkB Signaling, hosted by Linda C. Burkly, Timothy S. Zheng and John Silke

History of chemoattractant research, hosted by Bernhard Moser

Thyroid hormone in brain and brain cells, hosted by Frédéric Flamant, Juan Bernal and Noriyuki Koibuchi

The Coevolution of IDO1 and AhR in the Emergence of Regulatory T Cells in Mammals, hosted by Ursula Grohmann and Paolo Puccetti

Platelets as immune cells in physiology and immunopathology, hosted by Olivier Garraud

The Schistosomiasis Vaccine – It Is Time to Stand Up, hosted by Rashika El Ridi, Ahmad Ali Othman and Donald McManus

CD1- and MR1-restricted T Cells in Antimicrobial Immunity, hosted by  S.M. Mansour Haeryfar and Thierry Mallevaey

Mechanical Loading and Bone, hosted by Jonathan H. Tobias

Plasticity in Multiple Sclerosis: from molecular to system level, from adaptation to maladaptation, hosted by Daniel Zeller and Maria Assunta Rocca

Principles Underlying Post-Stroke Recovery of Upper Extremity Sensorimotor Function – A Neuroimaging Perspective, hosted by Bruno J. Weder, Roland Wiest and Rüdiger J. Seitz



Current Challenges in Modeling Cellular Metabolism, hosted by Daniel Machado, Kai H. Zhuang, Nikolaus Sonnenschein and Markus J. Herrgård

Current Challenges in Modeling Cellular Metabolism

Mathematical and computational models play an essential role in understanding the cellular metabolism.

New Frontiers in Multiscale Modelling of Advanced Materials, hosted by Simone Taioli, Maurizio Dapor and Nicola M. Pugno




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