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Most viewed Physiology articles in January 2016

Task Failure During Exercise to Exhaustion in Normoxia and Hypoxia is Due to Reduced Muscle Activation Caused by Central Mechanisms While Muscle Metaboreflex Does Not Limit Performance
Rafael Torres-Peralta, David Morales-Alamo, Miriam Gonzalez-Izal, José Losa-Reyna, Ismael Pérez-Suárez, Mikel Izquierdo and Jose A. L. Calbet*

Hot and Hypoxic Environments Inhibit Simulated Soccer Performance and Exacerbate Performance Decrements When Combined
Jeffrey W. F. Aldous, Bryna C. R. Chrismas, Ibrahim Akubat, Ben Dascombe, Grant Abt and Lee Taylor*

Skeletal Muscle Inflammation Following Repeated Bouts of Lengthening Contractions in Humans
Michael R. Deyhle*, Amanda M. Gier, Kaitlyn C. Evens, Dennis L. Eggett, W. Bradley Nelson, Allen C. Parcell and Robert D. Hyldahl

Correlates of Heart Rate Measures with Incidental Physical Activity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Overweight Female Workers
Laís Tonello, Felipe F. Reichert, Iransé Oliveira-Silva, Sebastián Del Rosso, Anthony S. Leicht and Daniel A. Boullosa*

Change of Direction Ability Performance in Cerebral Palsy Football Players According to Functional Profiles
Raul Reina*, Jose M. Sarabia, Javier Yanci, Maria P. García-Vaquero and Maria Campayo-Piernas

The “Abdominal Circulatory Pump”: An Auxiliary Heart during Exercise?
Barbara Uva, Andrea Aliverti, Dario Bovio and Bengt Kayser*

Monitoring Local Regional Hemodynamic Signal Changes during Motor Execution and Motor Imagery Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Naoki Iso, Takefumi Moriuchi, Akira Sagari, Eiji Kitajima, Fumiko Iso, Koji Tanaka, Yasuki Kikuchi, Takayuki Tabira and Toshio Higashi*

Dosage and Dose Schedule Screening of Drug Combinations in Agent-Based Models Reveals Hidden Synergies
Lisa C. Barros de Andrade e Sousa, Clemens Kühn, Katarzyna M. Tyc and Edda Klipp*

Network Analysis Shows Novel Molecular Mechanisms of Action for Copper-Based Chemotherapy
Jesús Espinal-Enríquez, Enrique Hernandez-Lemus*, Carmen Mejía and Lena Ruíz-Azuara

Toxic Effect of Blood Feeding in Male Mosquitoes
Mahmood R. Nikbakhtzadeh, Garrison K. Buss and Walter S. Leal*

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