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Most viewed Neuroscience articles in January 2016

Alteration of Political Belief by Non-invasive Brain Stimulation
Caroline Chawke* and Ryota Kanai

Neural Basis of the Time Window for Subjective Motor-Auditory Integration
Koichi Toida, Kanako Ueno and Sotaro Shimada*

It’s Sad but I Like It: The Neural Dissociation Between Musical Emotions and Liking in Experts and Laypersons
Elvira Brattico*, Brigitte Bogert, Vinoo Alluri, Mari Tervaniemi, Tuomas Eerola and Thomas Jacobsen

White Matter Microstructure is Associated with Auditory and Tactile Processing in Children with and without Sensory Processing Disorder
Yi-Shin Chang, Mathilde Gratiot, Julia P. Owen, Anne Brandes-Aitken, Shivani S. Desai, Susanna S. Hill, Anne B. Arnett, Julia Harris, Elysa J. Marco* and Pratik Mukherjee

Associative Learning Through Acquired Salience
Mario Treviño*

Thalamic Circuit Mechanisms Link Sensory Processing in Sleep and Attention
Zhe Chen, Ralf D. Wimmer, Matthew A. Wilson and Michael M. Halassa*

Neurologic Music Therapy Training for Mobility and Stability Rehabilitation with Parkinson’s Disease – A Pilot Study
Anna A. Bukowska*, Piotr Krężałek, Elżbieta Mirek, Przemysław Bujas and Anna Marchewka

Reaching is Better When You Get What You Want: Realtime Feedback of Intended Reaching Trajectory Despite an Unstable Environment
Justin Horowitz, Tejas Madhavan, Christine Massie and James Patton*

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Patient iPSC-Derived Motor Neurons Have Reduced Expression of Proteins Important in Neuronal Development
Heidi R. Fuller, Berhan Mandefro, Sally L. Shirran, Andrew R. Gross, Anjoscha S. Kaus, Catherine H. Botting, Glenn E. Morris and Dhruv Sareen*

Sugar Consumption Produces Effects Similar to Early Life Stress Exposure on Hippocampal Markers of Neurogenesis and Stress Response
Jayanthi Maniam, Christopher P. Antoniadis, Neil A. Youngson, Jitendra K. Sinha and Margaret Morris*

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