Most viewed Genetics articles in January 2016

Decoding Cellular Dynamics in Epidermal Growth Factor Signaling Using a New Pathway-Based Integration Approach for Proteomics and Transcriptomics Data
Astrid Wachter* and Tim Beissbarth

An Expanded Analysis of Pharmacogenetics Determinants of Efavirenz Response that Includes 3′-UTR Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms among Black South African HIV/AIDS Patients
Marelize Swart, Jonathan Evans, Michelle Skelton, sandra castel, Lubbe Weisner, Peter John Smith and Collet Dandara*

Using centromere mediated genome elimination to elucidate the functional redundancy of candidate telomere binding proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Karel Riha* and Nick Fulcher

Stress-induced accumulation of DcAOX1 and DcAOX2a transcripts coincides with critical time point for structural biomass prediction in carrot primary cultures (Daucus carota L.)
Maria Doroteia Campos, Amaia Nogales, Hélia Guerra Cardoso*, Sarma Rajeev Kumar, Tânia Nobre, Ramalingam Sathishkumar and Birgit Arnholdt-Schmitt*

Milk bottom-up proteomics: method optimisation.
Delphine Vincent*, Vilnis Ezernieks, Aaron Elkins, Nga Nguyen, Peter J. Moate, Benjamin G. Cocks and Simone Rochfort

A Quantitative Assessment of Factors Affecting the Technological Development and Adoption of Companion Diagnostics
Dee Luo, James A Smith, Nick A Meadows, Katie Manescu, Kim Bure, Benjamin Davies, Rob Horne, David L DiGiusto and David A Brindley*

Advanced In vivo Use of CRISPR/Cas9 and Anti-Sense DNA Inhibition for Gene Manipulation in the Brain
Brandon J. Walters, Amber B. Azam, Colleen J. Gillon, Sheena A. Josselyn* and Iva B. Zovkic*

Insertion of Retrotransposons at Chromosome Ends: Adaptive Response to Chromosome Maintenance
Geraldine Servant and Prescott L. Deininger*

Barth Syndrome: From Mitochondrial Dysfunctions Associated with Aberrant Production of Reactive Oxygen Species to Pluripotent Stem Cell Studies
Ana Saric, Karine Andreau, Anne-Sophie Armand, Ian M. Møller and Patrice X. Petit*

Assembly, Assessment, and Availability of De novo Generated Eukaryotic Transcriptomes
Joanna Moreton*, Abril Izquierdo and Richard D. Emes

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