Most viewed Plant Science articles in January 2016

Endosomal Interactions during Root Hair Growth
Daniel von Wangenheim, Amparo Rosero, George Komis, Olga Samajova, Miroslav Ovecka, Boris Voigt and Jozef Samaj*

De novo Transcriptome Sequencing and Development of Abscission Zone-Specific Microarray as a New Molecular Tool for Analysis of Tomato Organ Abscission
Srivignesh Sundaresan, Sonia Philosoph-Hadas, Joseph Riov, Raja Mugasimangalam, Nagesh A. Kuravadi, Betina Kochanek, Shoshana Salim, Mark L. Tucker and Shimon Meir*

Comparative Morphophysiological Analyses and Molecular Profiling Reveal Pi-Efficient Strategies of a Traditional Rice Genotype
Poonam Mehra, Bipin K. Pandey and Jitender Giri*

Physiological and Metabolic Changes of Purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.) in Response to Drought, Heat, and Combined Stresses
Rui Jin, Yanping Wang, Ruijie Liu, Junbo Gou and Zhulong Chan*

Genome-wide small RNA analysis of soybean reveals auxin-responsive microRNAs that are differentially expressed in response to salt stress in root apex
Zhengxi Sun, Youning Wang, Fupeng Mou, Yinping Tian, Liang Chen, Senlei Zhang, Qiong Jiang and Xia Li*

Enhanced Salt Tolerance Conferred by the Complete 2.3 kb cDNA of the Rice Vacuolar Na+/H+ Antiporter Gene Compared to 1.9 kb Coding Region with 5′ UTR in Transgenic Lines of Rice
U. S. M. Amin, Sudip Biswas, Sabrina M. Elias, Samsad Razzaque, Taslima Haque, Richard Malo and Zeba I. Seraj*

Developmental Nuclear Localization and Quantification of GFP-Tagged EB1c in Arabidopsis Root Using Light-Sheet Microscopy
Dominik Novak, Anna Kucharova, Miroslav Ovecka, George Komis and Jozef Samaj*

Identification and Validation of Selected Universal Stress Protein Domain Containing Drought-Responsive Genes in Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L.)
Pallavi Sinha, Lekha T. Pazhamala, Vikas K. Singh, Rachit K. Saxena, L. Krishnamurthy, Sarwar Azam, Aamir W. Khan and Rajeev K. Varshney*

Sequencing, De novo Assembly, Functional Annotation and Analysis of Phyllanthus amarus Leaf Transcriptome Using the Illumina Platform
Aparupa Bose Mazumdar and Sharmila Chattopadhyay*

Genome-Wide Analysis of the AP2/ERF Superfamily Genes and their Responses to Abiotic Stress in Medicago truncatula
Yongjun Shu*, Ying Liu, Jun Zhang, Lili Song and Changhong Guo*

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