Most viewed Neurology articles in January 2016

Eye-Movement Training Results in Changes in qEEG and NIH Stroke Scale in Subjects Suffering from Acute Middle Cerebral Artery Ischemic Stroke: A Randomized Control Trial 
Frederick Robert Carrick*, Elena Oggero, Guido Pagnacco, Cameron H. G. Wright, Calixto Machado, Genco Estrada, Alejandro Pando, Juan C. Cossio and Carlos Beltrán

Dissociation between Conceptual and Perceptual Implicit Memory: Evidence from Patients with Frontal and Occipital Lobe Lesions
Liang Gong*, JiHua Wang, XuDong Yang, Lei Feng, Xiu Li, Cui Gu, MeiHong Wang, JiaYun Hu and Huaidong Cheng*

DNA Demethylation Upregulated Nrf2 Expression in Alzheimer’s Disease Cellular Model
Huimin Cao, Li Wang, Beibei Chen, Peng Zheng, Yi He, Yubin Ding, Yushuang Deng, Xi Lu, Xiuming Guo, Yuping Zhang, Yu Li and Gang Yu*

Gray Matter Volume and Resting-State Functional Connectivity of the Motor Cortex-Cerebellum Network Reflect the Individual Variation in Masticatory Performance in Healthy Elderly People
Chia-Shu Lin*, Shih-Yun Wu, Ching-Yi Wu and Hsien-Wei Ko

Limited Effect of Dopaminergic Medication on Straight Walking and Turning in Early-to-Moderate Parkinson’s Disease during Single and Dual Tasking
Morad Elshehabi*, Katrin S. Maier, Sandra E. Hasmann, Susanne Nussbaum, Heinz Herbst, Tanja Heger, Daniela Berg, Markus A. Hobert and Walter Maetzler*

Antisaccadic Eye Movements Are Correlated with Corpus Callosum White Matter Mean Diffusivity, Stroop Performance, and Symptom Burden in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion
Windsor Kwan-Chun Ting, Tom A. Schweizer, Jane Topolovec-Vranic and Michael D. Cusimano*

Altered Cortical Synaptic Plasticity in Response to 5-Hz Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as a New Electrophysiological Finding in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment Converting to Alzheimer’s Disease: Results from a 4-year Prospective Cohort Study
Alessandro Trebbastoni*, Floriana Pichiorri, Fabrizia D’Antonio, Alessandra Campanelli, Emanuela Onesti, Marco Ceccanti, Carlo de Lena and Maurizio Inghilleri

Intrinsic Functional Plasticity of the Thalamocortical System in Minimally Disabled Patients with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
Fuqing Zhou*, Honghan Gong, Qi Chen, Bo Wang, Yan Peng, Ying Zhuang and Chi-shing Zee*

Abnormal Subcortical Brain Morphology in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis: A Cross-sectional Study
Cui Ping Mao, Zhi Lan Bai*, Xiao Na Zhang, Qiu Juan Zhang and Lei Zhang

Absence of Rotation Perception during Warm Water Caloric Irrigation in Some Seniors with Postural Instability
Elodie Chiarovano, Pierre-Paul Vidal, Christophe Magnani, Georges Lamas, Ian S. Curthoys and Catherine de Waele*

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