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Most viewed Psychology articles in January 2016

Emotion Regulation through Movement: Unique Sets of Movement Characteristics are Associated with and Enhance Basic Emotions
Tal Shafir*, Rachelle P. Tsachor and Kathleen B. Welch

Gamification of Learning Deactivates the Default Mode Network
Paul A.r Howard-Jones*, Tim Jay, Alice Mason and Harvey Jones

Mindfulness Training in Primary Schools Decreases Negative Affect and Increases Meta-Cognition in Children
Charlotte E. Vickery* and Dusana Dorjee

Super Champions, Champions, and Almosts: Important Differences and Commonalities on the Rocky Road
Dave Collins*, Aine Macnamara and Neil McCarthy

Examining the Role of Mental Health and Clinical Issues within Talent Development
Andy Hill*, Aine MacNamara, Dave Collins and Sheelagh Rodgers

Does Mindfulness Enhance Critical Thinking? Evidence for the Mediating Effects of Executive Functioning in the Relationship between Mindfulness and Critical Thinking
Chris Noone*, Brendan Bunting and Michael J. Hogan

Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory: Quality and Quantity of Retention Over Time
Aurora K. R. LePort, Shauna M. Stark, James L. McGaugh and Craig E. L. Stark*

Positive Emotional Language in the Final Words Spoken Directly Before Execution
Sarah Hirschmüller* and Boris Egloff

Associations Between the Big Five Personality Traits and the Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs for Cognitive Enhancement
Sebastian Sattler* and Reinhard Schunck

Influence of Music on Anxiety Induced by Fear of Heights in Virtual Reality
Sofia Seinfeld*, Ilias Bergstrom, Ausias Pomes, Jorge Arroyo-Palacios, Francisco Vico, Mel Slater and Maria V. Sanchez-Vives

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