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Frontiers for Young Minds – Expanding on the Map


Frontiers for Young Minds staff raising a glass from the Albany office.

Frontiers for Young Minds is excited to be expanding its reach once again. Already it has expanded into four disciplines, and now it has expanded its footprint on the map. The main headquarters for Frontiers and the Frontiers Research Foundation remains in Lausanne, but its Project Manager has moved daily operations for the journal to the Capital Region of New York.

This has already increased the opportunity for participation and collaboration with US organizations and universities – like last years’ event at the Bay Area Science Festival and its upcoming appearance at the US Science and Engineering Festival. With staff both in the US and Europe there will be greater ability to take advantage of the widespread outreach opportunities for interested young science minds.

With Chief Editors in the US and Europe, authors and editors in numerous countries, and the Young Minds editorial team collaborating from opposite sides of the ocean, Frontiers for Young Minds has taken another step towards becoming the international science outreach and educational resource it seeks to be. And we are continuing to grow. If you are researcher and would like to rewrite one of your published articles for kids, let us know. We are accepting submissions. We are non-profit so there are no fees for publishing.  Learn more here.

Same great journal, just a change in the view.

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