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Open Science and scholarly publishing roundup – February 26, 2016

​Obama’s pick for librarian of congress is an Open Access champion

Peer review in the cloud

Researchers: Peer review system for awarding NIH grants is flawed

Research: NIH peer review percentile scores are poorly predictive of grant productivity

Washington Post
New grant funds open-access publishing in political science

Science 2.0
Public-friendly open science

BioMed Central
Public medical research funding stimulates private R&D investment

Times Higher Education
China campuses: research shows paths to glory

To prevent another Flint, make all open data machine readable

Open Source
Can we tackle the Zika virus with rapid, open research?

Times Higher Education
Big drop in academics commercialising their research
Facebook donates servers to speed up research into AI

Times Higher Education
Peer review admin takes ‘less than an hour’

Chronicle of Higher Education
Librarians find themselves caught between journal pirates and publishers

A rainbow unicorn wants to transform biology publishing
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