Most viewed Physiology articles in February 2016

Robust Brain Hyperglycemia during General Anesthesia: Relationships with Metabolic Brain Inhibition and Vasodilation
R. Aaron Bola and Eugene A. Kiyatkin*

Overexpression of Striated Muscle Activator of Rho Signaling (STARS) Increases C2C12 Skeletal Muscle Cell Differentiation
Marita A. Wallace, Paul A. Della Gatta, Bilal Ahmad Mir, Greg M. Kowalski, Joachim Kloehn, Malcom J. McConville, Aaron P. Russell and Severine Lamon*

Exercise Decreases Lipogenic Gene Expression in Adipose Tissue and Alters Adipocyte Cellularity during Weight Regain After Weight Loss
Erin D. Giles*, Amy J. Steig, Matthew R. Jackman, Janine A. HIggins, Ginger C. Johnson, Rachel C. Lindstrom and Paul S. MacLean*

Cardiorespiratory Coordination after Training and Detraining. A Principal Component Analysis Approach
Natàlia Balagué*, Jacob González, Casimiro Javierre, Robert Hristovski, Daniel Aragonés, Juan Alamo, Oscar Niño and Josep L. Ventura

Benefits of Group Living Include Increased Feeding Efficiency and Lower Mass Loss during Desiccation in the Social and Inbreeding Spider Stegodyphus dumicola
Bram Vanthournout, Michelle Greve, Anne Madsen, Jesper Bechsgaard, Johannes Overgaard and Trine Bilde*

Mismatch Negativity Affects Muscle Fatigue during Repeated Contraction Trials of Different Durations
Aleksander A. Aleksandrov, Veronika M. Knyazeva, Ludmila N. Stankevich, Elena S. Dmitrieva and Anna N. Shestakova*

Heart Rate and Extracellular Sodium and Potassium Modulation of Gap Junction Mediated Conduction in Guinea Pigs
Michael Entz II, Sharon A. George, Michael J. Zeitz, Tristan Raisch, James W. Smyth and Steven Poelzing*

Silencing of CYP6 and APN Genes Affects the Growth and Development of Rice Yellow Stem Borer, Scirpophaga incertulas
Vijaya Sudhakara Rao Kola, P. Renuka, Ayyagari Phani Padmakumari, Satendra K. Mangrauthia, Sena M. Balachandran and Maganti S. Madhav*

Strong Ion Regulatory Abilities Enable the Crab Xenograpsus testudinatus to Inhabit Highly Acidified Marine Vent Systems
Marian Y.  Hu, Ying-Jey Guh, Yi-Ta Shao, Pou-Long Kuan, Guan-Lin Chen, Jay-Ron Lee, Ming-Shiou Jeng and Yung-Che Tseng*

The Quantitative Criteria Based on the Fractal Dimensions, Entropy, and Lacunarity for the Spatial Distribution of Cancer Cell Nuclei Enable Identification of Low or High Aggressive Prostate Carcinomas
Przemyslaw Waliszewski*

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