Most viewed Neuroscience articles in February 2016

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Modulates Neuronal Activity and Learning in Pilot Training
Jaehoon Choe, Brian A. Coffman, Dylan T. Bergstedt, Matthias D. Ziegler and Matthew E. Phillips*

Whole-Brain Mapping of Neuronal Activity in the Learned Helplessness Model of Depression
Yongsoo Kim, Zinaida Perova, Martine M. Mirrione, Kith Pradhan, Fritz A. Henn, Stephen Shea, Pavel Osten and Bo Li*

The Effects of Tai Chi Practice on Intermuscular Beta Coherence and the Rubber Hand Illusion
Catherine E. Kerr*, Uday Agrawal and Sandeep Nayak

The Development of Shared Liking of Representational but not Abstract Art in Primary School Children and Their Justifications for Liking
Paul Rodway*, Julie Kirkham, Astrid Schepman, Jordana Lambert and Anastasia Locke

Effective Connectivity within the Default Mode Network: Dynamic Causal Modeling of Resting-State fMRI Data
Maksim G. Sharaev*, Viktoria V. Zavyalova, Vadim L. Ushakov, Sergey I. Kartashov and Boris M. Velichkovsky

EMOTICOM: A Neuropsychological Test Battery to Evaluate Emotion, Motivation, Impulsivity, and Social Cognition
Amy R. Bland, Jonathan P. Roiser, Mitul A. Mehta, Thea Schei, Heather Boland, Daniel K. Campbell-Meiklejohn, Richard A. Emsley, Marcus R. Munafo, Ian S. Penton-Voak, Ana Seara-Cardoso, Essi Viding, Valerie Voon, Barbara J. Sahakian, Trevor W. Robbins and Rebecca Elliott*

Fluoxetine Requires the Endfeet Protein Aquaporin-4 to Enhance Plasticity of Astrocyte Processes
Barbara Di Benedetto*, Victoria A. Malik, Salina Begum, Lena Jablonowski, Gabriela B. Gómez-González, Inga D. Neumann and Rainer Rupprecht

Bicycling and Walking are Associated with Different Cortical Oscillatory Dynamics
Lena Storzer*, Markus Butz, Jan Hirschmann, Omid Abbasi, Maciej Gratkowski, Dietmar Saupe, Alfons Schnitzler and Sarang S. Dalal

Group Intensive Cognitive Activation in Patients with Major or Mild Neurocognitive Disorder
Simonetta Panerai*, Domenica Tasca, Sabrina Musso, Valentina Catania, Federica Ruggeri, Alberto Raggi, Stefano Muratore, Giuseppina Prestianni, Cinzia Bonforte and Raffaele Ferri

Involvement of the Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex in Learning Others’ Bad Reputations and Indelible Distrust
Atsunobu Suzuki*, Yuichi Ito, Sachiko Kiyama, Mitsunobu Kunimi, Hideki Ohira, Jun Kawaguchi, Hiroki C. Tanabe and Toshiharu Nakai

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