Most viewed Genetics articles in February 2016

Estimating Effect Sizes and Expected Replication Probabilities from GWAS Summary Statistics
Dominic Holland*, Yunpeng Wang, Wesley K. Thompson, Andrew Schork, Chi-Hua Chen, Min-Tzu Lo, Aree Witoelar, Schizophrenia Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, Enhancing Neuro Imaging Genetics through Meta Analysis Consortium, Thomas Werge, Michael O’Donovan, Ole A. Andreassen and Anders M. Dale

Identification of Metabolic Pathway Systems
Sepideh Dolatshahi and Eberhard O. Voit*

Structural and Dynamic Characterization of the C313Y Mutation in Myostatin Dimeric Protein, Responsible for the “Double Muscle” Phenotype in Piedmontese Cattle
Silvia Bongiorni, Alessio Valentini and Giovanni Chillemi*

Genomic-Based Optimum Contribution in Conservation and Genetic Improvement Programs with Antagonistic Fitness and Productivity Traits
Enrique Sánchez-Molano*, Ricardo Pong-Wong and Georgios Banos

Cellular Senescence as the Causal Nexus of Aging
Naina Bhatia-Dey, Riya R. Kanherkar, Susan E. Stair, Evgeny O. Makarev and Antonei B. Csoka*

Strategies for Integrated Analysis of Genetic, Epigenetic, and Gene Expression Variation in Cancer: Addressing the Challenges
Louise B. Thingholm*, Lars Andersen, Enes Makalic, Melissa C. Southey, Mads Thomassen and Lise Lotte Hansen

Genetic Susceptibility to Vitiligo: GWAS Approaches for Identifying Vitiligo Susceptibility Genes and Loci
Changbing Shen, Jing Gao, Yujun Sheng, Jinfa Dou, Fusheng Zhou, Xiaodong Zheng, Randy Ko, Xianfa Tang, Caihong Zhu, Xianyong Yin, Liangdan Sun, Yong Cui and Xuejun Zhang*

The MiRNA Journey from Theory to Practice as a CNS Biomarker
Nicoleta Stoicea*, Amy Du, D. Christie Lakis, Courtney Tipton, Carlos E. Arias-Morales and Sergio D. Bergese

Population Genomics and the Statistical Values of Race: An Interdisciplinary Perspective on the Biological Classification of Human Populations and Implications for Clinical Genetic Epidemiological Research
Koffi N. Maglo*, Tesfaye B. Mersha and Lisa J. Martin*

Analysis of Genomic Sequence Motifs for Deciphering Transcription Factor Binding and Transcriptional Regulation in Eukaryotic Cells
Valentina Boeva*

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