Most viewed Psychology articles in February 2016

Providing Extrinsic Reward for Test Performance Undermines Long-Term Memory Acquisition
Christof Kuhbandner*, Alp Aslan, Kathrin Emmerdinger and Kou Murayama

Why is Cognitive Enhancement Deemed Unacceptable? The Role of Fairness, Deservingness, and Hollow Achievements
Nadira S. Faber*, Julian Savulescu and Thomas Douglas

Non-Instrumental Movement Inhibition (NIMI) Differentially Suppresses Head and Thigh Movements during Screenic Engagement: Dependence on Interaction
Harry J. Witchel*,  Carlos P Santos, James K. Ackah, Carina E. I. Westling and Nachiappan Chockalingam

What Deters Crime? Comparing the Effectiveness of Legal, Social, and Internal Sanctions Across Countries
Heather Mann*, Ximena Garcia-Rada, Lars Hornuf and Juan Tafurt

The Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex Modulates Dialectical Self-Thinking
Fei Wang, Kaiping Peng*, Yang Bai, Rui Li, Ying Zhu, Pei Sun, Hua Guo, Chun Yuan, Pia Rotshtein and Jie Sui*

Duration Adaptation Occurs Across the Sub- and Supra-Second Systems
Shuhei Shima, Yuki Murai, Yuki Hashimoto and Yuko Yotsumoto*

How Early is Infants’ Attention to Objects and Actions Shaped by Culture? New Evidence from 24-Month-Olds Raised in the US and China
Sandra R. Waxman*, Xiaolan Fu, Brock Ferguson, Kathleen Geraghty, Erin Leddon, Jing Liang and Min-Fang Zhao

Booze, Bars, and Bystander Behavior: People who Consumed Alcohol Help Faster in the Presence of Others
Marco van Bommel*, Jan-Willem van Prooijen, Henk Elffers and Paul A. M. van Lange

Subjective Significance Shapes Arousal Effects on Modified Stroop Task Performance: A Duality of Activation Mechanisms Account
Kamil K. Imbir*

Undetectable Changes in Image Resolution of Luminance-Contrast Gradients Affect Depth Perception
Yoshiaki Tsushima*, Kazuteru Komine, Yasuhito Sawahata and Toshiya Morita

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