Most viewed Microbiology articles in March 2016

Newly Isolated Paenibacillus tyrfis sp. nov., from Malaysian Tropical Peat Swamp Soil with Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Activity
Yoong-Kit Aw, Kuan-Shion Ong, Learn-Han Lee, Yuen-Lin Cheow, Catherine M. Yule and Sui-Mae Lee*

Biogeochemical and Microbial Variation across 5500 km of Antarctic Surface Sediment Implicates Organic Matter as a Driver of Benthic Community Structure
Deric R. Learman*, Michael W. Henson, J. Cameron Thrash, Ben Temperton, Pamela M. Brannock, Scott R. Santos, Andrew R. Mahon and Kenneth M. Halanych

GenSeed-HMM: A Tool for Progressive Assembly Using Profile HMMs as Seeds and its Application in Alpavirinae Viral Discovery from Metagenomic Data
João M. P. Alves, André L. de Oliveira, Tatiana O. M. Sandberg, Jaime L. Moreno-Gallego, Marcelo A. F. de Toledo, Elisabeth M. M. de Moura, Liliane S. Oliveira, Alan M. Durham, Dolores U. Mehnert, Paolo M. de A. Zanotto, Alejandro Reyes* and Arthur Gruber*

Expanding the Diet for DIET: Electron Donors Supporting Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer (DIET) in Defined Co-Cultures
Li-Ying Wang, Kelly P. Nevin, Trevor L. Woodard, Bo-Zhong Mu and Derek R. Lovley*

A Metagenomics Approach to Evaluate the Impact of Dietary Supplementation with Ascophyllum nodosum or Laminaria digitata on Rumen Function in Rusitec Fermenters
Alejandro Belanche*, Eleanor Jones, Ifat Parveen and Charles J. Newbold

Anthropogenic N Deposition Slows Decay by Favoring Bacterial Metabolism: Insights from Metagenomic Analyses
Zachary B. Freedman*, Rima A. Upchurch, Donald R. Zak and Lauren C. Cline

Microbial Communities in a High Arctic Polar Desert Landscape
Clare M. McCann, Matthew J. Wade, Neil D. Gray, Jennifer A. Roberts, Casey R. J. Hubert and David W. Graham*

Lactobacillus reuteri Inhibition of Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Adherence to Human Intestinal Epithelium
Alistair D. S. Walsham, Donald A. MacKenzie, Vivienne Cook, Simon Wemyss-Holden, Claire L. Hews, Nathalie Juge and Stephanie Schüller*

Metagenomic Analysis of Bacterial Communities of Antarctic Surface Snow
Anna Lopatina, Sofia Medvedeva, Sergey Shmakov, Maria D. Logacheva, Vjacheslav Krylenkov and Konstantin Severinov*

Vertebrate Hosts as Islands: Dynamics of Selection, Immigration, Loss, Persistence and Potential Function of Bacteria on Salamander Skin
Andrew H. Loudon*, Arvind Venkataraman, William VanTreuren, Douglas C. Woodhams, Laura Wegener Parfrey, Valerie J. McKenzie, Rob Knight, Thomas M. Schmidt and Reid Harris

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