Most viewed Neuroscience articles in March 2016

Pushing the Limits: Cognitive, Affective, and Neural Plasticity Revealed by an Intensive Multifaceted Intervention
Michael D. Mrazek*, Benjamin W. Mooneyham*, Kaita L. Mrazek and Jonathan W. Schooler

Blocking and Binding Folate Receptor Alpha Autoantibodies Identify Novel Autism Spectrum Disorder Subgroups
Richard E. Frye*, Leanna Delhey, John Slattery, Marie Tippett, Rebecca Wynne, Shannon Rose, Stephen G. Kahler, Sirish C. Bennuri, Stepan Melnyk, Jeffrey M. Sequeira and Edward Quadros

Chronic Pyruvate Supplementation Increases Exploratory Activity and Brain Energy Reserves in Young and Middle-Aged Mice
Hennariikka Koivisto, Henri Leinonen, Mari Puurula, Hani S. Hafez, Glenda Alquicer Barrera, Malin H. Stridh, Helle S. Waagepetersen, Mika Tiainen, Pasi Soininen, Yuri Zilberter and Heikki Tanila*

Protective LRRK2 R1398H Variant Enhances GTPase and Wnt Signalling Activity
Jonathon Nixon-Abell,, Daniel C. Berwick, Simone Grannó, Victoria A. Spain, Craig Blackstone and Kirsten Harvey*

Voluntary Imitation in Alzheimer’s Disease Patients
Ambra Bisio*, Matthieu Casteran, Yves Ballay, Patrick Manckoundia, France Mourey and Thierry Pozzo

Correlation between Cortical State and Locus Coeruleus Activity: Implications for Sensory Coding in Rat Barrel Cortex
Zeinab Fazlali*, Yadollah Ranjbar-Slamloo, Mehdi Adibi and Ehsan Arabzadeh*

Distributed Cerebellar Motor Learning: A Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity Model
Niceto R. Luque*, Jesus A. Garrido, Francisco Naveros, Richard R. Carrillo, Egidio D’Angelo and Eduardo Ros

Processing of Self versus Non-Self in Alzheimer’s Disease
Rebecca L. Bond, Laura E. Downey, Philip S. J. Weston, Catherine F. Slattery, Camilla N. Clark, Kirsty Macpherson, Catherine J. Mummery and Jason D. Warren*

Cognitive Fatigue Facilitates Procedural Sequence Learning 
Guillermo Borragán*, Hichem Slama, Arnaud Destrebecqz and Philippe Peigneux*

Neurocomputational Model of EEG Complexity during Mind Wandering
Antonio J. Ibáñez-Molina* and Sergio Iglesias-Parro

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