Most viewed Physiology articles in March 2016

Muscle-Specific Myosin Heavy Chain Shifts in Response to a Long-Term High Fat/High Sugar diet and Resveratrol Treatment in Nonhuman Primates
Jon-Philippe K. Hyatt*, Lisa Nguyen, Allison E. Hall, Ashley M. Huber, Jessica C. Kocan, Julie A. Mattison, Rafael de Cabo, Jeannine R. Larocque and Robert J. Talmadge

High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise and its Effects on Heart Rate Variability and Subsequent Strength Performance
Valéria L. G. Panissa*, Cesar C. Cal Abad, Ursula F. Julio, Leonardo V. Andreato and Emerson Franchini

Cross Acclimation Between Heat and Hypoxia: Heat Acclimation Improves Cellular Tolerance and Exercise Performance in Acute Normobaric Hypoxia
Ben J. Lee*, Amanda Miller, Rob S. James and Charles D. Thake

Stress Biomarkers, Mood States and Sleep during a Major Competition: “Success” and “Failure” Athlete’s Profile of High-Level Swimmers
Mounir Chennaoui*, Clement Bougard, Catherine Drogou, Christophe Langrume, Christian Miller, Danielle Gomez-Merino and Frederic Vergnoux

Selective Modulation of MicroRNA Expression with Protein Ingestion Following Concurrent Resistance and Endurance Exercise in Human Skeletal Muscle
Donny M. Camera, Jun N. Ong, Vernon G. Coffey and John A. Hawley*

Ibuprofen Ingestion Does Not Affect Markers of Post-Exercise Muscle Inflammation
Luke Vella*, James F. Markworth, Gøran Paulsen, Truls Raastad, Jonathan M. Peake, Rod J. Snow, David Cameron-Smith and Aaron P. Russell

An Analytical Framework for Studying Small-Number Effects in Catalytic Reaction Networks: A Probability Generating Function Approach to Chemical Master Equations
Masaki Nakagawa* and Yuichi Togashi*

High Altitude Increases Alteration in Maximal Torque but Not in Rapid Torque Development in Knee Extensors after Repeated Treadmill Sprinting
Olivier Girard*, Franck Brocherie and Gregoire P. Millet

Passive Muscle-Tendon Unit Gearing Is Joint Dependent in Human Medial Gastrocnemius
Emma F. Hodson-Tole*, James M. Wakeling and Taylor J. M. Dick

Lipid Raft Size and Lipid Mobility in Non-Raft Domains Increase During Aging and Are Exacerbated in APP/PS1 Mice Model of Alzheimer’s Disease. Predictions from an Agent-Based Mathematical Model
Guido Santos, Mario L. Diaz* and Nestor V. Torres*

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