Most viewed Genetics articles in March 2016

A Consensus Network of Gene Regulatory Factors in the Human Frontal Lobe
Stefano Berto*, Alvaro Perdomo-Sabogal, Daniel Gerighausen, Jing Qin and Katja Nowick*

Computational Detection of Stage-Specific Transcription Factor Clusters During Heart Development
Sebastian Zeidler*, Cornelia Meckbach, Rebecca Tacke, Farah S. Raad, Angelica Roa, Shizuka Uchida, Wolfram-Hubertus Zimmermann, Edgar Wingender and Mehmet Gültas

Global Intersection of Long Non-Coding RNAs with Processed and Unprocessed Pseudogenes in the Human Genome
Michael J. Milligan, Erin Harvey, Albert Yu, Ashleigh Morgan, Daniela-Lee Smith, Eden Zhang, Jonathan Berengut, Jothini Sivananthan, Radhini Subramaniam, Aleksandra Skoric, Scott Collins, Caio Damski, Kevin V. Morris and Leonard Lipovich*

EM Adaptive LASSO – A Multilocus Modeling Strategy for Detecting SNPs Associated with Zero-Inflated Count Phenotypes
Himel Mallick and Hemant K. Tiwari*

Genome-Wide Study of Response to Platinum, Taxane, and Combination Therapy in Ovarian Cancer: In vitro Phenotypes, Inherited Variation, and Disease Recurrence
Brooke L. Fridley*, Taraswi M. Ghosh, Alice Wang, Rama Raghavan, Junqiang Dai, Ellen L. Goode and Jatinder K. Lamba

Microsomal Omega-3 Fatty Acid Desaturase Genes in Low Linolenic Acid Soybean Line RG10 and Validation of Major Linolenic Acid QTL
Yarmilla Reinprecht* and K. Peter Pauls

A Quantitative Approach to Analyzing Genome Reductive Evolution Using Protein-Protein Interaction Networks: A Case Study of Mycobacterium leprae
Richard O. Akinola, Gaston K. Mazandu and Nicola J. Mulder*

Use of Genomic Tools to Improve Cattle Health in the Context of Infectious Diseases
Mikolaj M. Raszek, Le L. Guan and Graham S. Plastow*

Mouse Genetic Models of Human Brain Disorders
Celeste Leung and Zhengping Jia*

Extinction in Phylogenetics and Biogeography: From Timetrees to Patterns of Biotic Assemblage
Isabel Sanmartín and Andrea S. Meseguer

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