Most viewed Immunology articles in March 2016

Hand to Mouth: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Association between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Periodontitis
Nicholas R. Fuggle, Toby O. Smith, Arvind Kaul, and Nidhi Sofat*

Distinct Mechanisms Regulate Lck Spatial Organization in Activated T cells
Natasha Kapoor-Kaushik, Elizabeth Hinde, Ewoud B. Compeer, Yui Yamamoto, Felix Kraus, Zhengmin Yang, Jieqiong Lou, Sophie V. Pageon, Thibault Tabarin, Katharina Gaus* and Jeremie Rossy*

An Oral Salmonella-Based Vaccine Inhibits Liver Metastases by Promoting Tumor-Specific T-Cell-Mediated Immunity in Celiac and Portal Lymph Nodes: A Preclinical Study
Alejandrina Vendrell*, Claudia Mongini, María José Gravisaco, Andrea Canellada, Agustina Inés Tesone, Juan Carlos Goin and Claudia Inés Waldner*

Efficient mRNA-Based Genetic Engineering of Human NK Cells with High-Affinity CD16 and CCR7 Augments Rituximab-Induced ADCC against Lymphoma and Targets NK Cell Migration toward the Lymph Node-Associated Chemokine CCL19
Mattias Carlsten*, Emily Levy, Amrita Karambelkar, Linhong Li, Robert Reger, Maria Berg, Madhusudan V. Peshwa and Richard Childs

Thioreductase-Containing Epitopes Inhibit the Development of Type 1 Diabetes in the NOD Mouse Model
Elin Malek Abrahimians, Luc Vander Elst, Vincent A. Carlier and Jean-Marie Saint-Remy*

miR-146a and miR-155 Expression Levels in Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease Incidence
Sadaf Atarod, Mohammed Mahid Ahmed, Clare Lendrem, Kim Frances Pearce, Wei Cope, Jean Norden, Xiao-Nong Wang, Matthew Collin and Anne Mary Dickinson*

Potential of PEGylated Toll-Like Receptor 7 Ligands for Controlling Inflammation and Functional Changes in Mouse Models of Asthma and Silicosis
Tatiana Paula Teixeira Ferreira, Livia Lacerda Mariano, Roberta Ghilosso-Bortolini, Ana Carolina Santos de Arantes, Andrey Junior Fernandes, Michelle Berni, Valentina Cecchinato, Mariagrazia Uguccioni, Roberto Maj, Alcide Barberis, Patricia Machado Rodrigues e Silva and Marco Aurélio Martins*

Structural and Functional Characterization of a Single-Chain Form of the Recognition Domain of Complement Protein C1q
Christophe Moreau, Isabelle Bally, Anne Chouquet, Barbara Bottazzi, Berhane Ghebrehiwet, Christine Gaboriaud and Nicole Thielens*

Helicobacter pylori-Mediated Protection from Allergy Is Associated with IL-10-Secreting Peripheral Blood Regulatory T Cells
Khiyam Hussain, Darren P. Letley, A. Borgel Greenaway, Rupert Kenefeck, Jody A. Winter, William Tomlinson, Joanne Rhead, Emily Staples, Kazuyo Kaneko, John C. Atherton and Karen Robinson*

Postbiotic Modulation of Retinoic Acid Imprinted Mucosal-like Dendritic Cells by Probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri 17938 In vitro
Yeneneh Haileselassie*, Marit Navis, Nam Vu, Khaleda Rahman Qazi, Bence Rethi and Eva Sverremark-Ekstrom*

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