Most viewed Psychology articles in March 2016

Survey of Expert Opinion on Intelligence: Causes of International Differences in Cognitive Ability Tests
Heiner Rindermann*, David Becker and Thomas Coyle

Prefrontal Electrical Stimulation in Non-depressed Reduces Levels of Reported Negative Affects from Daily Stressors
Adelaide Austin, Gabriela M. Jiga-Boy, Sara Rea, Simon A. Newstead, Sian Roderick, Nick J. Davis, Robert Marc Clement and Frederic Boy*

When Love Meets Money: Priming the Possession of Money Influences Mating Strategies
Yi Ming Li, Jian Li, Darius K.-S. Chan* and Bo Zhang

To Switch or Not to Switch: Role of Cognitive Control in Working Memory Training in Older Adults
Chandramallika Basak* and Margaret A. O’Connell

Retrieval-Based Learning: Positive Effects of Retrieval Practice in Elementary School Children
Jeffrey D. Karpicke*, Janell R. Blunt and Megan A. Smith

Layered Social Network Analysis Reveals Complex Relationships in Kindergarteners
Mireille Golemiec, Jonathan Schneider, W. Thomas Boyce, Nicole R. Bush, Nancy Adler and Joel D. Levine*

Faces with light makeup are better recognized than faces with heavy makeup
Keiko Tagai*, Hitomi Ohtaka and Hiroshi Nittono

Unpredicted Pitch Modulates Beta Oscillatory Power during Rhythmic Entrainment to a Tone Sequence
Andrew Chang, Dan J. Bosnyak and Laurel J. Trainor*

Sex Differences in Music: A Female Advantage at Recognizing Familiar Melodies
Scott A. Miles, Robbin A. Miranda and Michael T. Ullman*

Psychopaths Show Enhanced Amygdala Activation during Fear Conditioning
Douglas H. Schultz*, Nicholas L. Balderston, Arielle R. Baskin-Sommers, Christine L. Larson and Fred J. Helmstetter

An Attitude Strength and Self-Perception Framework Regarding the Bi-directional Relationship of Job Satisfaction with Extra-Role and In-Role Behavior: The Doubly Moderating Role of Work Centrality
Rene Ziegler* and Christian Schlett

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