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Open Science and scholarly publishing roundup – April 22, 2016

The Guardian
Opening up scientific publishing for the Flickr generation

Peer review: troubled from the start

Science Magazine
New research ship highlight of otherwise flat NSF budget bill in Senate

Inside HPC
e-IRG roadmap to help shape European Open Science cloud

Academic publishing faces down an unrepentant pirate

The Guardian
It’s time to stand up to greedy academic publishers

Washington Post
How open science can help solve Zika and prepare us for the next pandemic

PLOS Blogs
A Tech Framework for Innovations in Open Science

PLOS Blogs
Wikipedia Year of Science: An open opportunity for participation

Political Science & Politics
Predatory publishing, Open Access, and the costs to academia

Discover Magazine
Spoof Papers and the ethics of academic publishing

Stat News
Want a favorable peer review? Buy one

You pay to read research you fund. That’s ludicrous

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