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Sociological Theory: now open for submissions


We are proud to announce the launch of the latest specialty section of Frontiers in Sociology, Sociological Theory. Led by Chief Editor Prof. William Outhwaite, the section will aim to publish high quality articles in sociological theory, broadly defined, with a particular focus on:

1) Maximizing its geographical reach, particularly in relation to article submissions from lower-income countries.

2) Paying close attention to both the research frontiers in the various areas of sociological theory and the interface between sociological theory, broadly defined, and related work in adjacent fields of sociology and other disciplines such as philosophy, intellectual history, cultural studies, social anthropology, and international relations.

Geographical and interdisciplinary cosmopolitanism remain important aims, Prof. Outhwaite indicates, as there are still serious deficiencies in communication between disciplines in many parts of the world as well as between sociologists in different geographical and linguistic regions.

To learn more about Prof. Outhwaite’s vision for the section, see his Specialty Grand Challenge article available here.

The section’s Associate Editor Board is already composed of the following researchers and scholars:

Jan Balon, Czech Academy of Sciences
Richard Ruey-Chyi Hwang, Academia Sinica
Maurizio Meloni, University of Sheffield
Angelos Mouzakitis, University of Crete
Scott Schaffer, University of Western Ontario
Frederic Vandenberghe, State University of Rio de Janeiro
Aaron Winter, University of East London


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