Most viewed Plant Science articles in April 2016

Nighttime Supplemental LED Inter-lighting Improves Growth and Yield of Single-Truss Tomatoes by Enhancing Photosynthesis in Both Winter and Summer
Fasil T. Tewolde, Na Lu, Kouta Shiina, Toru Maruo, Michiko Takagaki, Toyoki Kozai and Wataru Yamori*

Arbuscular mycorrhiza Symbiosis Induces a Major Transcriptional Reprogramming of the Potato SWEET Sugar Transporter Family
Jasmin Manck-Götzenberger and Natalia Requena*

Non-targeted Metabolite Profiling and Scavenging Activity Unveil the Nutraceutical Potential of Psyllium (Plantago ovata Forsk)
Manish K. Patel, Avinash Mishra* and Bhavanath Jha*

Genome-Wide Study of the Tomato SlMLO Gene Family and Its Functional Characterization in Response to the Powdery Mildew Fungus Oidium neolycopersici
Zheng Zheng, Michela Appiano, Stefano Pavan, Valentina Bracuto, Luigi Ricciardi, Richard G. F. Visser, Anne-Marie A. Wolters and Yuling Bai*

Using Transcriptomics to Identify Differential Gene Expression in Response to Salinity among Australian Phragmites australis Clones
Gareth D. Holmes, Nathan E. Hall, Anthony R. Gendall, Paul I. Boon and Elizabeth A. James*

Flux Balance Analysis of Plant Metabolism: The Effect of Biomass Composition and Model Structure on Model Predictions
Huili Yuan, C. Y. Maurice Cheung*, Peter A. J. Hilbers and Natal A. W. van Riel*

Mutation of OsGIGANTEA Leads to Enhanced Tolerance to Polyethylene Glycol-Generated Osmotic Stress in Rice
Shuai Li, Wenhao Yue, Min Wang, Wenmin Qiu, Lian Zhou and Huixia Shou*

Population Genomic Analysis Reveals Differential Evolutionary Histories and Patterns of Diversity across Subgenomes and Subpopulations of Brassica napus L.
Elodi Gazavee *, Erica E. Tassone, Daniel C. Ilut, Megan Wingerson, Erwin Datema, Hanneke M. A. Witsenboer, James B. Davis, David Grant, John M. Dyer, Matthew A. Jenks, Jack Brown and Michael A. Gore*

Genome-Wide Identification and Expression Analysis of Calcium-dependent Protein Kinase in Tomato
Zhangjian Hu, Xiangzhang Lv, Xiaojian Xia, Jie Zhou, Kai Shi, Jingquan Yu, and Yanhong Zhou*

The Involvement of OsPHO1;1 in the Regulation of Iron Transport Through Integration of Phosphate and Zinc Deficiency Signaling
Chorpet Saenchai, Nadia Bouain, Mushtak Kisko, Chanakan Prom-u-thai, Patrick Doumas and Hatem Rouached*

Overexpression of a Cytosolic Abiotic Stress Responsive Universal Stress Protein (SbUSP) Mitigates Salt and Osmotic Stress in Transgenic Tobacco Plants
Pushpika Udawat, Rajesh K. Jha, Dinkar Sinha, Avinash Mishra* and Bhavanath Jha*

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