Most viewed Neurology articles in April 2016

Comparison of the Bedside Head-Impulse Test with the Video Head-Impulse Test in a Clinical Practice Setting: A Prospective Study of 500 Outpatients
Chun Wai Yip*, Miriam Glaser, Claudia Frenzel, Otmar Bayer and Michael Strupp

Public Knowledge and Attitude toward Essential Tremor: A Questionnaire Survey
Sherif Shalaby, Jeffrey Indes, Benison Keung, Christopher H. Gottschalk, Duarte Machado, Amar Patel, Daphne Robakis and Elan D. Louis*

Effects of Primary Blast Overpressure on Retina and Optic Tract in Rats
James DeMar*, Keith Sharrow, Miya Hill, Jonathan Berman, Thomas Oliver and Joseph Long

Application of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in Neurorehabilitation: The Modulatory Effect of Sleep
James K. Ebajemito, Leonardo Furlan, Christoph Nissen and Annette Sterr*

Visual and Ocular Manifestations of Alzheimer’s Disease and Their Use as Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Progression
Fatimah Zara Javaid, Jonathan Brenton, Li Guo and Maria F. Cordeiro*

Rodent Hypoxia–Ischemia Models for Cerebral Palsy Research: A Systematic Review
Prakasham Rumajogee, Tatiana Bregman, Steven P. Miller, Jerome Y. Yager and Michael G. Fehlings*

Technique of ICP Monitored Stepwise Intracranial Decompression Effectively Reduces Postoperative Complications of Severe Bifrontal Contusion
Guan Sun, Lei Shi*, Tianhong Pan, Xiaoliang Li and Shuguang Zhang

A Case of Acute Motor Axonal Neuropathy Mimicking Brain Death and Review of the Literature
Sandhya Ravikumar, Poysophon Poysophon, Roy Poblete and May Kim-Tenser*

Neuroimaging Assessment of Cerebrovascular Reactivity in Concussion: Current Concepts, Methodological Considerations, and Review of the Literature
Michael J. Ellis, Lawrence N. Ryner, Olivia Sobczyk, Jorn Fierstra, David J. Mikulis, Joseph A. Fisher, James Duffin and W. Alan C. Mutch*

Nutrition and Vascular Supply of Retinal Ganglion Cells during Human Development
Paul Rutkowski and Christian Albrecht May*

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