Everything You Need to Know About Plagiarism

By Chloe Schmidt and Daisy Hessenberger

Plagiarism is a serious issue in the world of academic publishing. Publishers must take great care to ensure content is original, referenced appropriately, or reused with permission. Plagiarism is not only taking someone else’s work and using it as your own: there are different circumstances under which reproduced content can be considered “plagiarized”. To shed some light on this issue, and explain the process Frontiers uses to detect and handle plagiarism, we’ve created the guide below.

We use a tool called iThenticate to scan every submission. You can download an example of an iThenticate report here: Sample_iThenticate_report

Some guidelines and resources for further reading:

Happy writing!

PDF version available here: Plagiarism



1 Comment on Everything You Need to Know About Plagiarism

  1. Tom Hennessy // August 10, 2017 at 9:01 pm // Reply

    When this type of program was first being developed, the designer did a study of plagairism in Universities and found so many people in one state had plaigerised he had to quit the study because the medical profession would have never recovered. Fact.


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