Frontiers eBooks published in May 2016

Below is a list of Frontiers eBooks published in May 2016. All Frontiers eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.


Turn-taking in human communicative interaction

The core use of language is in face-to-face conversation.

Institutional Determinants of Social Inequality, hosted by Frédérique Autin and Fabrizio Butera

The Bacterial Cell: Coupling between Growth, Nucleoid Replication, Cell Division and Shape, hosted by Arieh Zaritsky, Conrad L. Woldringh and Jaan Männik

Maintenance of Genome Integrity: DNA Damage Sensing, Signaling, Repair and Replication in Plants, hosted by Alma Balestrazzi, V. Mohan Murali Achary, Anca Macovei, Kaoru Okamoto Yoshiyama and Ayako N. Sakamoto

Computational Systems Biology of Pathogen-Host Interactions, hosted by Saliha Durmus, Tunahan Çakır and Reinhard Guthke

Character, Responsibility, and Well-Being: Influences on Mental Health and Constructive Behavior Patterns, hosted by Danilo Garcia, Trevor Archer and Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén

Neuronal Mechanics and Transport, hosted by Daniel M. Suter and Kyle E. Miller

Wet and Dry Periods in Regions Surrounding the Atlantic Ocean Basin, hosted by Anita Drumond, Belen Rodriguez-fonseca, Chris Reason and Silvina A. Solman

Turn-Taking in Human Communicative Interaction, hosted by Judith Holler, Kobin H. Kendrick, Marisa Casillas and Stephen C. Levinson

Salicylic Acid Signaling Networks, hosted by Hua Lu, Jean Toby Greenberg and Loreto Holuigue

Avoidance: From Basic Science to Psychopathology, hosted by Richard J. Servatius, Kevin C.H. Pang, Gregory J. Quirk and Catherine E. Myers

Frontiers in Skeletal Muscle Wasting, Regeneration and Stem Cells, hosted by Carlos Hermano J. Pinheiro and Lucas Guimarães-Ferreira

Determinants of Synaptic Information Transfer: From Ca2+  Binding Proteins to Ca2+ Signaling Domains, hosted by Philippe Isope, Christian D. Wilms and Hartmut Schmidt

Glial Cells: Managers of Neuro-Immunity, hosted by Carlos Barcia, Gilles J. Guillemin, James F. Curtin and Jeffrey M. Zirger

Reward- and Aversion-Related Processing in the Brain: Translational Evidence for Separate and Shared Circuits, hosted by Dave J. Hayes, Georg Northoff and Andrew J. Greenshaw

Mental Practice – Clinical and Experimental Research in Imagery and Action Observation, hosted by Magdalena Ietswaart, Andrew J. Butler, Philip L. Jackson and Martin Gareth Edwards

Effects of Game and Game-like Training on Neurocognitive Plasticity, hosted by Guido P. H. Band, Chandramallika Basak, Heleen A. Slagter and Michelle W. Voss

Biomaterials and Bioactive Molecules to Drive Differentiation in Striated Muscle Tissue Engineering, hosted by Valentina Di Felice, Giancarlo Forte and Dario Coletti

Thalamic Function – Beyond a Simple Relay, hosted by Vincenzo Crunelli, William Martin Connellyand W. Martin Usrey

Understanding Social Signals: How Do We Recognize the Intentions of Others?, hosted by Sebastian Loth and Jan P. De Ruiter

Progress in Episodic Memory Research, hosted by Ekrem Dere, Armin Zlomuzica, Angelica Staniloiu and Hans J. Markowitsch

Neuroplasticity and Extracellular Proteolysis, hosted by Jerzy W. Mozrzymas and Leszek Kaczmarek

Post-Exercise Recovery: Fundamental and Interventional Physiology, hosted by Sergej M. Ostojic

Color and Form Perception: Straddling the Boundary, hosted by Galina V. Paramei and Cees van Leeuwen

Recent Advances of Epigenetics in Crop Biotechnology, hosted by Clelia De-la-Peña, Raúl Alvarez-Venegas and Christopher Cullis

Cardiovascular Toxicities of Breast Cancer Treatment: Emerging Issues in Cardiooncology

Cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD) are the two most common causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide.


Cardiovascular Toxicities of Breast Cancer Treatment: Emerging Issues in Cardio-Oncology, hosted by Sharad Goyal and Bruce George Haffty


Quantitative Systems Biology for Engineering Organisms and Pathways, hosted by Hilal Taymaz-Nikerel and Alvaro R. Lara

Non-Polysaccharide Plant Polymeric Materials, hosted by José Alejandro Heredia-Guerrero and Athanassia Athanassiou


Quantitative Systems Biology for Engineering Organisms and Pathways

Studying organisms as a whole for potential metabolic(ally) engineering of organisms for production of (bio)chemicals is essential for industrial biotechnology.

Critical Earthquake Response of Elastic-Plastic Structures and Rigid Blocks under Near-Fault Ground Motions: Closed-Form Approach via Double Impulse, hosted by Izuru Takewaki et al.


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