Most viewed Neurology articles in May 2016

ACTH Prevents Deficits in Fear Extinction Associated with Early Life Seizures
Andrew T. Massey, David K. Lerner, Gregory L. Holmes, Rod C. Scott and Amanda E. Hernan*

BDNF Genotype Interacts with Motor Function to Influence Rehabilitation Responsiveness Poststroke
Christine T. Shiner, Kerrie D. Pierce, Angelica G. Thompson-Butel, Terry Trinh, Peter R. Schofield and Penelope A. McNulty*

Temporal Profile of Cerebrovascular Reactivity Impairment, Gray Matter Volumes, and Persistent Symptoms after Mild Traumatic Head Injury
Leodante da Costa*, Christiaan Bas van Niftrik, David Crane, Jorn Fierstra and Allison Bethune

Sequence Effect in Parkinson’s Disease Is Related to Motor Energetic Cost
Sule Tinaz*, Ajay S. Pillai and Mark Hallett

The Cerebellum and SIDS: Disordered Breathing in a Mouse Model of Developmental Cerebellar Purkinje Cell Loss during Recovery from Hypercarbia
Michele A. Calton, Jeremy R. Howard, Ronald M. Harper, Dan Goldowitz and Guy Mittleman*

Distribution and Coexistence of Myoclonus and Dystonia as Clinical Predictors of SGCE Mutation Status: A Pilot Study
Rodi Zutt, Joke M. Dijk, Kathryn J. Peall, Hans Speelman, Yasmine E. M. Dreissen, Maria Fiorella Contarino and Marina A. J. Tijssen*

Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies: Clinical Approach and Management
Asma Malik*, Ghazala Hayat*, Junaid S. Kalia and Miguel A. Guzman

Artistic Skills Recovery and Compensation in Visual Artists after Stroke
Eugen Bogdan Petcu*, Katherine Sherwood, Aurel Popa-Wagner, Ana Maria Buga, Lanfranco Aceti and Rodica Ileana Miroiu

Meta-analysis of Vascular Imaging Features to Predict Outcome Following Intravenous rtPA for Acute Ischemic Stroke
Ricardo C. Nogueira*, Edson Bor-Seng-Shu, Nazia P. Saeed, Manoel J. Teixeira, Ronney B. Panerai and Thompson G. Robinson

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for Treatment of Childhood Pharmacoresistant Lennox–Gastaut Syndrome: A Pilot Study
Narong Auvichayapat, Katenipa Sinsupan, Orathai Tunkamnerdthai and Paradee Auvichayapat*

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