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Most viewed Psychology articles in May 2016

The Grounded Expertise Components Approach in the Novel Area of Cryptic Crossword Solving
Kathryn J. Friedlander* and Philip A. Fine

Nosewitness Identification: Effects of Lineup Size and Retention Interval
Laura Alho*, Sandra C. Soares, Liliana P. Costa, Elisa Pinto, Jacqueline H. T. Ferreira, Kimmo Sorjonen, Carlos F. Silva and Mats J. Olsson

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) Program As a Useful Adjunct to Conventional Psychosocial Rehabilitation for Patients with Schizophrenia: Results of a Small-scale Randomized Controlled Trial
Paula Calvo*, Joan R. Fortuny, Sergio Guzmán, Cristina Macías, Jonathan Bowen, María L. García, Olivia Orejas, Ferran Molins, Asta Tvarijonaviciute, José J. Cerón, Antoni Bulbena and Jaume Fatjó

Positive Psychology Interventions Addressing Pleasure, Engagement, Meaning, Positive Relationships, and Accomplishment Increase Well-Being and Ameliorate Depressive Symptoms: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Online Study
Fabian Gander*, René T. Proyer and Willibald Ruch

Clarifying Associations between Childhood Adversity, Social Support, Behavioral Factors, and Mental Health, Health, and Well-Being in Adulthood: A Population-Based Study
Mashhood A. Sheikh*, Birgit Abelsen and Jan A. Olsen

Limits on Monolingualism? A Comparison of Monolingual and Bilingual Infants’ Abilities to Integrate Lexical Tone in Novel Word Learning
Leher Singh*, Felicia L. S. Poh and Charlene S. L. Fu

Can Birds Perceive Rhythmic Patterns? A Review and Experiments on a Songbird and a Parrot Species
Carel ten Cate, Michelle Spierings*, Jeroen Hubert and Henkjan Honing

Obesity Discrimination in the Recruitment Process: “You’re Not Hired!”
Stuart W. Flint*, Martin Čadek, Sonia C. Codreanu, Vanja Ivić, Colene Zomer and Amalia Gomoiu

Fine Motor Skills Predict Maths Ability Better than They Predict Reading Ability in the Early Primary School Years
Nicola J. Pitchford*, Chiara Papini, Laura A. Outhwaite and Anthea Gulliford

Relations between Spatial Distribution, Social Affiliations and Dominance Hierarchy in a Semi-Free Mandrill Population
Alexandre Naud, Eloise Chailleux, Yan Kestens, Céline Bret, Dominic Desjardins, Odile Petit, Barthélémy Ngoubangoye and Cédric Sueur*

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