#FMARSfieldpics competition winners

by Nina Hall

Frontiers in Marine Science is proud to announce the winners of our Twitter marine fieldwork photo competition.

We asked the marine community to tweet us their favorite fieldwork picture using the hashtag #FMARSfieldpics and #FMARSfieldwork and, my oh my, did we get spoiled!

Picking the top three, however, was much less fun than we anticipated because we wanted to crown all of the pictures as winners.  

Every single photo made our hearts jump with joy as they were utterly beautiful, giving a unique perspective into what fieldwork for a marine biologist can look like at its most exciting.

All those photos sweep you away from your desk and drop you right into the sea, tagging sharks, sampling kelp, measuring phytoplankton chlorophyll, facing the elements, wading through seagrass meadows in Zanzibar, and hunting invasive lionfish.

Therefore, we decided to display all of the entries in this blog, so an even bigger audience can smell the salt in the air and feel the tropical sun or the arctic chill on their skin.

Here are our top three photos.

Number three: @RaissaPhilibert

Number one

Number two: @physiologyfish

number 3

And finally – Number one: @AJ_Smit

Number one (1)

Find all the amazing entries in the slideshow below.

Thank you to everyone who entered and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

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