Most viewed Neuroscience articles in June 2016

The Enhanced Musical Rhythmic Perception in Second Language Learners
M. Paula Roncaglia-Denissen*, Drikus A. Roor, Ao Chen and Makiko Sadakata

EEG Responses to Auditory Stimuli for Automatic Affect Recognition
Dirk T. Hettich*, Elaina Bolinger, Tamara Matuz, Niels Birbaumer, Wolfgang Rosenstiel and Martin Spüler

Ego-Dissolution and Psychedelics: Validation of the Ego-Dissolution Inventory (EDI)
Matthew M. Nour*, Lisa Evans, David Nutt and Robin L. Carhart-Harris

The Indris Have Got Rhythm! Timing and Pitch Variation of a Primate Song Examined between Sexes and Age Classes
Marco Gamba*, Valeria Torti, Vittoria Estienne, Rose M. Randrianarison, Daria Valente, Paolo Rovara, Giovanna Bonadonna, Olivier Friard and Cristina Giacoma

Vitality Forms Processing in the Insula during Action Observation: A Multivoxel Pattern Analysis
Giuseppe Di Cesare, Giancarlo Valente, Cinzia Di Dio, Emanuele Ruffaldi, Massimo Bergamasco, Rainer Goebel and Giacomo Rizzolatti*

Analysis of Individual Mouse Activity in Group Housed Animals of Different Inbred Strains using a Novel Automated Home Cage Analysis System
Rasneer S. Bains, Heather L. Cater, Rowland R. Sillito, Agisilaos Chartsias, Duncan Sneddon, Danilo Concas, Piia Keskivali-Bond, Timothy C. Lukins, Sara Wells, Abraham Acevedo Arozena, Patrick M. Nolan and J. Douglas Armstrong*

Characterization of a Synaptic Vesicle Binding Motif on the Distal CaV2.2 Channel C-terminal
Sabiha R. Gardezi, Arup R. Nath, Qi Li, and Elise F. Stanley*

Visualizing K48 Ubiquitination during Presynaptic Formation By Ubiquitination-Induced Fluorescence Complementation (UiFC)
Maria J. Pinto, Joana R. Pedro, Rui O. Costa and Ramiro D. Almeida*

Altered Onset Response Dynamics in Somatosensory Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sheraz Khan, Javeria A. Hashmi, Fahimeh Mamashli, Hari M. Bharadwaj, Santosh Ganesan, Konstantinos P. Michmizos, Manfred G. Kitzbichler, Manuel Zetino, Keri-Lee A. Garel, Matti S. Hämäläinen and Tal Kenet*

Brain Bases of Working Memory for Time Intervals in Rhythmic Sequences
Sundeep Teki* and Timothy D. Griffiths


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  1. Thanks for posting, I look forward to reading these papers. I’m surprised the one about cannabinoids and Alzheimer’s isn’t on the list, as so many news outlets snatched that one up.

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