Most viewed Genetics articles in June 2016

The Genetic Contribution of West-African Ancestry to Protection against Central Obesity in African-American Men but Not Women: Results from the ARIC and MESA Studies
Yann C. Klimentidis*, Amit Arora, Jin Zhou, Rick Kittles and David B. Allison

Random Projection for Fast and Efficient Multivariate Correlation Analysis of High-Dimensional Data: A New Approach
Claudia Grellmann*, Jane Neumann, Sebastian Bitzer, Peter Kovacs, Anke Tönjes, Lars T. Westlye, Ole A. Andreassen, Michael Stumvoll, Arno Villringer and Annette Horstmann

Comparative Epigenomic Profiling of the DNA Methylome in Mouse and Zebrafish Uncovers High Interspecies Divergence
Chi Zhang, Yujin Hoshida and Kirsten C. Sadler*

The Genetic Architecture of Barley Plant Stature
Ahmad M. Alqudah*, Ravi Koppolu, Gizaw M. Wolde, Andreas Graner and Thorsten Schnurbusch*

Deriving Gene Networks from SNP Associated with Triacylglycerol and Phospholipid Fatty Acid Fractions from Ribeyes of Angus Cattle
Justin W. Buchanan, James M. Reecy, Dorian J. Garrick, Qing Duan, Don C. Beitz, James E. Koltes, Mahdi Saatchi, Lars Koesterke and Raluca G. Mateescu*

Association of a SNP in SLC35F3 Gene with the Risk of Hypertension in a Chinese Han Population
Xiao-Li Zang, Wei-Qing Han, Feng-Ping Yang, Kai-Da Ji, Ji-Guang Wang, Ping-Jin Gao, Guang He* and Sheng-Nan Wu*

Global and Site-Specific Changes in 5-Methylcytosine and 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine after Extended Post-mortem Interval
Jeffrey A. Gross, Corina Nagy, Li Lin, Éric Bonneil, Marissa Maheu, Pierre Thibault, Naguib Mechawar, Peng Jin and Gustavo Turecki*

Development of SSR Markers and Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Medicinal Chrysanthemum morifolium Cultivars
Shangguo Feng, Renfeng He, Jiangjie Lu, Mengying Jiang, Xiaoxia Shen, Yan Jiang, Zhi’an Wang* and Huizhong Wang*

Modifiers and Readers of DNA Modifications and Their Impact on Genome Structure, Expression, and Stability in Disease
Anne K. Ludwig, Peng Zhang and M. C. Cardoso*

Reviving the RNA World: An Insight into the Appearance of RNA Methyltransferases
Ajay K. Rana* and Serge Ankri

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