Frontiers eBooks published in June 2016

Below is a list of Frontiers eBooks published in June 2016. All Frontiers eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.


Brief Interventions for Risky Drinkers

Alcohol is the sixth leading risk factor for disability and premature death.

Clinical Application of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT): Cranium to Prostate, hosted by Dwight E. Heron and John Austin Vargo

The CXCR4 Ligand/Receptor Family and the DPP4 Protease in High-Risk Cardiovascular Patients, hosted by Heidi Noels and Jürgen Bernhagen

Brief Interventions for Risky Drinkers, hosted by Antoni Gual, Peter Anderson, Hugo López-Pelayo and Jillian Reynolds


ICT for Assessment and Rehabilitation in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders, hosted by Philippe Robert, Iracema Leroi and Valeria Manera

Phonological and Phonetic Competence: Between Grammar, Signal Processing, and Neural Activity, hosted by Ulrike Domahs, Hubert Truckenbrodt and Richard Wiese

Microbial Exopolysaccharides: From Genes to Applications, hosted by Jochen Schmid, Julia Fariña, Bernd Rehm and Volker Sieber

Variability and Individual Differences in Early Social Perception and Social Cognition, hosted by Jessica Sommerville, Alia Martin and Talee Ziv

Cell Fate, hosted by Chin-Hsing Annie Lin, Laura Buttitta, Lisa Maves, F. Jeffrey Dilworth,

Epigenetics as a Deep Intimate Dialogue between Host and Symbionts_cover

Symbiosis is an intimate relationship between different living entities.

Michael T. Chin and Carlos A. Paladini

Functional Characterization of Insect Chemoreceptors: Receptivity Range, Expression and Evolution, hosted by William B. Walker, Emmanuelle Jacquin-Joly and Sharon R. Hill

The Role of Working Memory and Executive Function in Communication under Adverse Conditions, hosted by Mary Rudner and Carine Signoret

Manual Asymmetries, Handedness and Motor Performance, hosted by Pamela Bryden, Andrea Helen Mason and Claudia L. R. Gonzalez

Understanding Developmental Dyslexia: Linking Perceptual and Cognitive Deficits to Reading Processes, hosted by Pierluigi Zoccolotti, Peter F. de Jong and Donatella Spinelli

Role of Stem Cells in Skeletal Muscle Development, Regeneration, Repair, Aging and Disease, hosted by Pura Muñoz-Cánoves, Jaime J. Carvajal, Adolfo Lopez de Munain and Ander Izeta

The Foundation of Precision Medicine: Integration of Electronic Health Records with Nenomics Through Basic, Clinical, and Translational Research, hosted by Mariza de Andrade, Helena Kuivaniemi and Marylyn D. Ritchie

Integrating Computational and Neural Findings in Visual Object Perception, hosted by Judith C. Peters, Hans P. Op de Beeck and Rainer Goebel

Epigenetics as a Deep Intimate Dialogue between Host and Symbionts, hosted by Ilaria Negri and Eva Jablonka

Quantum Structures in Cognitive and Social Science, hosted by Diederik Aerts, Jan Broekaert, Liane Gabora and Sandro Sozzo

Synaptic Plasticity in Neuromorphic Systems, hosted by Christian Mayr, Sadique Sheik, Chiara Bartolozzi and Elisabetta Chicca

Redox Homeostasis Managers in Plants under Environmental Stresses, hosted by Nafees A. Khan, Naser A. Anjum, Adriano Sofo, Rene Kizek and Margarete Baier



Understanding the Human Factor of the Energy Transition: Mechani

An increasing number of countries are shifting toward sustainable energy economies.

Biomass Modification, Characterization and Process Monitoring Analytics to Support Biofuel and Biomaterial Production, hosted by Robert Henry, Blake Simmons and Jason Lupoi

Understanding the Human Factor of the Energy Transition: Mechanisms Underlying Energy-Relevant Decisions and Behaviors, hosted by Tobias Brosch, David Sander and Martin K. Patel

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