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Most viewed Psychology articles in June 2016

Anxiolytic Treatment Impairs Helping Behavior in Rats
Inbal Ben-Ami Bartal, Haozhe Shan, Nora M. R. Molasky, Teresa M. Murray, Jasper Z. Williams, Jean Decety and Peggy Mason*

The Dark Side of Top Level Sport: An Autobiographic Study of Depressive Experiences in Elite Sport Performers
Hannah J. H. Newman, Karen L. Howells* and David Fletcher

Shared and Unique Risk Factors Underlying Mathematical Disability and Reading and Spelling Disability
Esther M. Slot*, Sietske van Viersen, Elise H. de Bree and Evelyn H. Kroesbergen

Infants Prefer Female Body Phenotypes; Infant Girls Prefer They Have an Hourglass Shape
Gerianne M. Alexander*, Laura B. Hawkins, Teresa Wilcox and Amy Hirshkowitz

Music As a Sacred Cue? Effects of Religious Music on Moral Behavior
Martin Lang*, Panagiotis Mitkidis, Radek Kundt, Aaron Nichols, Lenka Krajčíková and Dimitris Xygalatas

When Lying Feels the Right Thing to Do
Sophie Van Der Zee*, Ross Anderson and Ronald Poppe

Action Video Game Training for Healthy Adults: A Meta-Analytic Study
Ping Wang, Han-Hui Liu, Xing-Ting Zhu, Tian Meng, Hui-Jie Li* and Xi-Nian Zuo

Studying Different Tasks of Implicit Learning across Multiple Test Sessions Conducted on the Web
Werner Sævland* and Elisabeth Norman

Tuned In Emotion Regulation Program Using Music Listening: Effectiveness for Adolescents in Educational Settings
Genevieve A. Dingle*, Joseph Hodges, and Ashleigh Kunde

Deficits in the Mimicry of Facial Expressions in Parkinson’s Disease
Steven R. Livingstone*, Esztella Vezer, Lucy M. McGarry, Anthony E. Lang and Frank A. Russo

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