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Open Science roundup, 22 July 2016
The next 25 years: arXiv looks to the future


BMC Blogs
Peer Review Week – it’s back!


Times Higher Education
Journal behaviour encouraging ‘questionable research practices’


Ars Technica
Can we trust peer review? New study highlights some problems


The Conversation
Science by stealth: secret missions of a visual science communicator


Science Daily
Over two thirds of researchers who’ve never peer reviewed would like to, new research reveals


We asked hundreds of scientists what they’d change about science. Here are 33 of our favorite responses
Guiding EU researchers along the ‘last mile’ to Open Digital Science


Open-Access Costs


Times Higher Education
These are the questions we should be asking about animal research


Science Alert
There’s a problem with the way that we’re ranking scientific journals


Plos Blogs
Poké Around With Citizen Science


Plos Blogs
Are We Alone? Citizen Science and the Search for Exoplanets


The Scientist
Wellcome Trust to Launch Open-Access Platform


Inside Higher Education
‘There Isn’t Some Big Conspiracy Happening’
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