Most viewed Microbiology articles in July 2016


Highly Effective Inhibition of Biofilm Formation by the First Metagenome-Derived AI-2 Quenching Enzyme
Nancy Weiland-Bräuer, Martin J. Kisch, Nicole Pinnow, Andreas Liese and Ruth A. Schmitz*

Candidatus Propionivibrio aalborgensis”: A Novel Glycogen Accumulating Organism Abundant in Full-Scale Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Plants
Mads Albertsen, Simon J. McIlroy, Mikkel Stokholm-Bjerregaard, Søren M. Karst and Per H. Nielsen*

Mississippi River Plume Enriches Microbial Diversity in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Olivia U. Mason*, Erin J. Canter, Lauren E. Gillies, Taylor K. Paisie and Brian J. Roberts

The Interaction between Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Endophytic Bacteria Enhances Plant Growth of Acacia gerrardii under Salt Stress
Abeer Hashem, Elsayed F. Abd_Allah*, Abdulaziz A. Alqarawi, Asma A. Al-Huqail, Stephan Wirth and Dilfuza Egamberdieva

Functional Characterization of a Hexose Transporter from Root Endophyte Piriformospora indica
Mamta Rani, Sumit Raj, Vikram Dayaman, Manoj Kumar, Meenakshi Dua* and Atul K. Johri*

Industrial Acetogenic Biocatalysts: A Comparative Metabolic and Genomic Analysis
Frank R. Bengelsdorf*, Anja Poehlein, Sonja Linder, Catarina Erz, Tim Hummel, Sabrina Hoffmeister Rolf Daniel and Peter Dürre

Diet Diversity Is Associated with Beta but not Alpha Diversity of Pika Gut Microbiota
Huan Li, Tongtong Li, DeAnna E. Beasley, Petr Heděnec, Zhishu Xiao*, Shiheng Zhang, Jiabao Li, Qiang Lin and Xiangzhen Li*

A Recombinant Trivalent Fusion Protein F1–LcrV–HSP70(II) Augments Humoral and Cellular Immune Responses and Imparts Full Protection against Yersinia pestis
Shailendra K. Verma*, Lalit Batra and Urmil Tuteja

Bacterial Diversity and Community Structure of Supragingival Plaques in Adults with Dental Health or Caries Revealed by 16S Pyrosequencing
Cuicui Xiao, Shujun Ran, Zhengwei Huang and Jingping Liang*

Microbial Community Responses to Increased Water and Organic Matter in the Arid Soils of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Heather N. Buelow, Ara S. Winter, David J. Van Horn, John E. Barrett, Michael N. Gooseff, Egbert Schwartz and Cristina D. Takacs-Vesbach*

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