Most viewed Genetics articles in July 2016


Spatial and Temporal Variation in Selection of Genes Associated with Pearl Millet Varietal Quantitative Traits In situ
Cédric Mariac, Issaka S. Ousseini, Abdel-Kader Alio, Hélène Jugdé, Jean-Louis Pham, Gilles Bezançon, Joelle Ronfort, Luc Descroix and Yves Vigouroux*

Genetic Diversity and Molecular Evolution of a Violaxanthin De-epoxidase Gene in Maize
Jing Xu, Zhigang Li, Haorui Yang, Xiaohong Yang, Cuixia Chen* and Hui Li*

Analysis of Variance Components for Genetic Markers with Unphased Genotypes
Tao Wang*

Profile of the Spleen Transcriptome in Beef Steers with Variation in Gain and Feed Intake
Amanda K. Lindholm-Perry*, Rebecca J. Kern, Brittney N. Keel, Warren M. Snelling, Larry A. Kuehn and Harvey C. Freetly

Maintaining Genome Stability in Defiance of Mitotic DNA Damage
Stefano Ferrari* and Christian Gentili

Spatial Genome Organization and Its Emerging Role as a Potential Diagnosis Tool
Karen J. Meaburn*

DUBbing Cancer: Deubiquitylating Enzymes Involved in Epigenetics, DNA Damage and the Cell Cycle As Therapeutic Targets
Adan Pinto-Fernandez* and Benedikt M. Kessler

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