Frontiers for Young Minds celebrates its first papers in Understanding Health

Frontiers for Young Minds is growing and we are celebrating the first two papers in our youngest Specialty Section Understanding Health. This new specialty is led by our Specialty Chief Editors, Fulvio D’Acquisto and Jay Giedd.


Read the Articles


Learn about how Nanotechnology could be the next way to treat cancer by providing an alternative delivery system that is so tiny, yet could be the next solution in targeting cancer cells (Author: Dr. Courtney Thomas). Read full article.



Come and explore what a Biofilm is including how they are formed and how we can try to beat them to treat infections (Authors: Drs. Mira Okshevsky and Rikke Louise Meyer). Read the full article.

You can look forward to more articles in this exciting new specialty coming soon.

Find Out More

More information about participating in Frontiers for Young Minds can be found here.

Frontiers for Young Minds is currently accepting submissions in four specialties:

  • Understanding Health
  • Understanding Neuroscience
  • Understanding the Earth and its Resources
  • Understanding Astronomy and Space Science

Researchers interested in submitting Frontiers for Young Minds versions of their work can find more information here.

Please contact for any additional questions.

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