Why peer review needs to be recognized

Peer review plays a pivotal role in the advancement of scholarly literature. Around 2 million research papers are currently published every year, all assessed by expert colleagues to analyse the authors’ results and conclusions, provide detailed feedback and help shape the manuscripts. But it is a largely thankless task. In most cases, the hours spent conducting a peer review at the service of the community go unrecognized.

The First Step in Peer Review Recognition

Frontiers believes in recognizing and rewarding peer review contributions, which we’ve pioneered since 2007.

We consider transparency and accountability key to achieving high quality research. For this reason, we list the names of reviewers and handling editors on published articles as a certification of accuracy and validity.

Featuring the reviewers’ names alongside the authors not only provides credibility to the quality of the peer review, but is a way of recognizing their dedication and contribution to improving the paper and ensuring its accuracy.

Beyond the Paper: Why Volunteer to Peer Review

There are many reasons why researchers participate and volunteer to peer review papers. These range from ensuring the rigorous standards of the research published in the field are met, to fulfilling a sense of responsibility to the community or keeping up-to-date on recent advances in their field of research.

At Frontiers, full integration with our research network, Loop, means we can acknowledge our reviewers and the members of our editorial boards even further by showcasing their editorial roles and the papers they edited or reviewed on their Loop profiles.

Not only does this level of transparency and accountability increase the quality of the published papers, but it allows us to recognize editorial contributions and the value they’ve provided in helping to advance their fields.

We appreciate the continued efforts of the academic community to peer reviewing research literature and are proud to be able to offer them this opportunity to showcase their editorial contributions.

Find out more about the uniqueness of the Frontiers Collaborative Review Forum and how we achieve quality at scale.

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  1. In addition, they should be paid, At least by the publishers that demand high fees for open access articles from the authors, and/or that demand high fees from university libraries.

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