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Interview with Review Editor Petia Koprinkova-Hristova

reviewer2by Erica Namigai,

Petia Koprinkova-Hristova is a renowned researcher in Computational Intelligence, and is currently an associate professor at the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Koprinkova-Hristova is an active reviewer for a number of scientific journals, among which are Neurocomputing, Neural Networks, and IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, and is a Review Editor on the Editorial Board of Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience.

How long have you been a reviewer for Frontiers and what made you decide to be a reviewer for the journal?

I was invited two years ago by a colleague.

What do you like about the peer review process at Frontiers?

I have the opportunity to communicate with the authors throughout the review process.

At Frontiers, peer reviewers are recognized on the article. Is this important to you as a reviewer and as a reader of researcher papers? 

For me it is not that important because I think that the paper should be estimated based on its quality but not with respect to the reviewers who assessed it.

Are you happy with the way peer review works in general? 

I am happy with the peer review process.

This year’s theme for Peer Review Week is “Recognition for Review,” whether it be in publishing, grant evaluations, or conference submissions. Based on your experience, would it be valuable to recognize reviewers for all types of review activity?

In my opinion all types of review activities are important.

Dr. Koprinkova-Hristova is deeply involved within the field of Computational Neuroscience; she is a part of the executive committee of the European Neural Network Society (ENNS), is a member of the Union of Automatics and Informatics, and is an International Program Committee member of a number of international conferences including the International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, the International Symposium on Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Application, the International Conference On Engineering Applications of Neural Networks, and the European Conference on Modelling and Simulation. She was also Editor of several books on Artificial Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence.

More information about Dr. Koprinkova-Hristova’s research can be found at here.

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