Frontiers for Young Minds Live Review at the Bay Area Science Festival


Frontiers for Young Minds is excited to announce its second live review event which will take place at the Chabot Space and Science Center as part of the Bay Area Science Festival. The team will be coming together once again to welcome our scientists who will have the difficult task of presenting their work to our panel of Young Reviewers.

This year, four papers will be presented to our panel of six curious young minds! The panel is made up of some of our most experienced Young Reviewers aged between 7 and 13. They will review the scientists’ presentations as well as their papers, and push the researchers to better explain their work and why it is important. Will our scientists succeed in translating their work and how will they react to the challenging questions they will face from our panel?

For a quick preview, check out what happened in last year’s event here where our panel explained the criteria used when deciding whether a paper should be accepted or not.

We hope to see you there!

Event Details

Where? Chabot Space & Science Center

When? October 29th, 2.00-4.00 pm

Tickets: $9 per adult & $7 per child

To find out more about the event and to reserve your tickets, visit:

Chabot Space & Science Center & Bay Area Science Festival

Frontiers for Young Minds is funded by the generous support of the Frontiers Research Foundation and the Jacobs Foundation of Zurich.

Due to a generous donation in the names of Judah and Golden, tickets to this event have been subsidized.

Young Reviewers

Krishna, age 11, 6th grade

I love science and sports. I play baseball and learn kung-fu. I love to do experiments to understand how science works. In the science – I enjoy space/astronomy and physics. I enjoy reading a lot – and hope to write lot of kids’ books. (I have started on three already). In my life, I want to invent something new and bring back to life something that is extinct – using DNA research.

Darius, age 13, 8th grade

I am 12 years old and in seventh grade. In my free time I enjoy reading, computer programming and playing the trumpet or piano. As a hobby, I make useful objects and experiment with devices. I am very interested in public speaking and am on my school’s debate team. I enjoy reading about science, particularly chemistry, biology, physics, and neuroscience.

Wyatt, age 10, 5th grade

I am a fifth grader in Piedmont, CA, USA. I like to read, play with Legos, play Minecraft, and cook! I love trying new foods. I also love scootering, biking, hiking and building stuff. My favorite subjects in school right now are computer lab, music, library, and science. I’m looking forward to taking physics and robotics when I get to middle school! After college, I want to be a quantum engineer and robotics programmer.

Schuyler, age 11, 7th grade

I’m Schuyler. I live in Berkeley California, I’m 11 years old and in the seventh grade. My favorite subjects in school are writing and science. I like to write fictional pieces, and I also like to sing, act and cook. Someone that I look up to and that inspires me is my mom. I also play soccer and basketball.

Sybille, age 8, 4th grade

I’m Sybille; I am 8 years old and I’m in fourth grade at Malcolm X. I live in Berkeley California and I play soccer. I like doing silly science experiments and cooking and I am really good at math.

Paceyn, age 7, 2nd grade

I’m Paceyn. I’m 7 years old and I’m in 2nd grade at LeConte Elementary in the TWI Spanish program.  My favorite subjects in school are Reading, Writing and Math.  I like doing science experiments, making art, and writing stories, especially poems and songs. I collect rocks and stuffed animals and I like skiing and cold weather. I enjoy doing gymnastics, dance and cheersport, and I have a pet guinea pig named Luna.

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