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Open Science roundup, 28 October 2016

Connecting research and policy may improve educational equity


Union of Concerned Scientists
Breaking down barriers: publishing Open Access science for sustainability


Fewer numbers, better science


Times Higher Education [paywalled]
Doubts about data: US survey on academic attitudes to technology


Review finds misconduct in events surrounding WHO fetal growth study


Digital Science
The state of Open Data: report provides new insights into the global state of open data


JAMA [Paywalled]
Single-blind vs double-blind peer review in the setting of author prestige


PLOS Blogs
Between science’s secretive, elitist past and open, accessible future


Information Today
Librarians working inside out: an Open Access Week interview 


Inside Higher Education
When is the library open? How about now?
The best of both worlds—preprints and journals


BioMed Central Blogs
European Open Access strategies


Electronic Frontier Foundation
It’s not too late. Let’s pass an Open Access law this year


How many scientific papers just aren’t true?


PLOS Blogs
Publishing hiccup solutions for early career researchers


Could subscriptions for academic journals go the way of pay phones?


The Guardian
I couldn’t get funding for my research so I ‘sold out’ – and I don’t regret it


Early-career researchers need fewer burdens and more support
Science: Public interest high, literacy stable
Could making authors pay to get their work published be the way forward for academic journals?


Concordia University launches the first open-access academic press in Quebec
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