eBooks published in October 2016

The Economics of Protected Marine Species: Concepts in Research

Protected marine species have populations that are depleted, decreasing, or are at-risk of extinction or local extirpation.


Reproductive Neuroendocrinology and Social Behavior, hosted by Ishwar S. Parhar, Tomoko Soga and Sonoko Ogawa
Amino Acids of the Glutamate Family: Functions beyond Primary Metabolism, hosted by Sakiko Okumoto, Dietmar Funck, Maurizio Trovato and Giuseppe Forlani
and Potential Therapeutic Targets, hosted by Marcel van Vugt and H. Christian Reinhardt
Function and Flexibility: Friend or Foe?, hosted by Kris Pauwels and Peter Tompa
From Genes to Species: Novel Insights from Metagenomics, hosted by Eamonn P. Culligan and Roy D. Sleator
Learned Brain Self-Regulation for Emotional Processing and Attentional Modulation: From Theory to Clinical Applications, hosted by Sergio Ruiz, Ranganatha Sitaram, Niels Birbaumer and Francisco Javier Zamorano
Producing and Analyzing Macro-Connectomes: Current State and Challenges, hosted by Mihail Bota, Sharon Crook and Marcus Kaiser
Protein Interaction Networks in Health and Disease, hosted by Spyros Petrakis and Miguel A. Andrade-Navarro
Dental and Periodontal Tissues Formation and Regeneration: Current Approaches and Future Challenges, hosted by Giovanna Orsini, Victor E. Arana-Chavez and Thimios Mitsiadis
Linking Ecosystem Function to Microbial Diversity, hosted by Anne E. Bernhard and John J. Kelly
Reward Processing in Motivational and Affective Disorders, hosted by Frank Ryan and Nikolina Skandali
New Insights into Microbial Ecology through Subtle Nucleotide Variation, hosted by A. Murat Eren, Mitchell Sogin and Loïs Maignien
Liver Myofibroblasts, hosted by Jiri Kanta, Alena Mrkvicová and Ralf Weiskirchen
The Economics of Protected Marine Species: Concepts in Research and Management, hosted by Kristy Wallmo, Kathryn Bisack, Daniel K. Lew and Dale E. Squires
Creativity and Mental Imagery, hosted by Massimiliano Palmiero, Laura Piccardi, Raffaella Nori, Liana Palermo, Carola Salvi and Cecilia Guariglia
Neural Plasticity for Rich and Uncertain Robotic Information Streams, hosted by Andrea Soltoggio and Frank van der Velde
Inter-Healthcare Professions Collaboration: Educational and Practical Aspects and New Developments, hosted by Lon J. Van Winkle, Susan Cornell and Nancy F. Fjortoft
Molecular Nanomachines of the Presynaptic Terminal, hosted by Silvio O. Rizzoli and Lucia Tabares
Glial Plasticity in Depression, hosted by João F. Oliveira, Catarina A. Gomes, Sandra H. Vaz, Nuno Sousa and Luisa Pinto
Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Science in Assessing the Health Status of Marine Ecosystems, hosted by Angel Borja, Michael Elliott, María C. Uyarra, Jacob Carstensen and Marianna Mea
Accessing Conceptual Representations for Speaking, hosted by Peter Indefrey and Ian FitzPatrick
The Grammar of Multilingualism, hosted by Artemis Alexiadou and Terje Lohndal



Bacterial pathogenicity factors are functionally diverse.


Bacterial Exotoxins: How Bacteria Fight the Immune System, hosted by Inka Sastalla, Denise M. Monack and Katharina F. Kubatzky


Repetitive Structures in Biological Sequences: Algorithms and Applications, hosted by Marco Pellegrini, Alberto Magi and Costas S. Iliopoulos



Repetitive structures in biological sequences are emerging as an active focus of research.


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