eBooks published in November 2016

Below is a list of Frontiers eBooks published in November 2016. All Frontiers eBooks are free to download, share and distribute.

The Psychology of Magic and the Magic of Psychology

The psychology of magic is a nascent field of research that examines the underlying mechanisms that conjurers use to achieve enchanting phenomena.


Perception, Action, and Cognition, hosted by Snehlata Jaswal

Fetal Therapies and Maternal-Fetal Tolerance, hosted by Graça Almeida-Porada and Tippi MacKenzie

The Neuronal Functions of EF-hand Ca(2+)-binding Proteins 2nd Edition, hosted by Michael R. Kreutz, José R. Naranjo, Karl-Wilhelm Koch and Beat Schwaller

Neuro-Education and Neuro-Rehabilitation, hosted by Eduardo Martínez-Montes, Julie Chobert and Mireille Besson

Hallucinations: New Interventions Supporting People with Distressing Voices and/or Visions, hosted by Simon McCarthy-Jones, Mark Hayward, Flavie Waters and Iris E. Sommer

The Psychology of Magic and the Magic of Psychology, hosted by Amir Raz, Jay A. Olson and Gustav Kuhn

Research Methods Pedagogy: Engaging Psychology Students in Research Methods and Statistics, hosted by Lynne D. Roberts

Actinobacteria in Special and Extreme Habitats: Diversity, Function Roles and Environmental Adaptations, hosted by Sheng Qin, Wen-Jun Li, Syed G. Dastager and Wael N. Hozzein

Advances in Microalgae Biology and Sustainable Applications, hosted by Flavia Vischi Winck, Diego Mauricio Riaño-Pachón and Telma Teixeira Franco

The Atmosphere over Mountainous Regions, hosted by Miguel A. C. Teixeira, Daniel J. Kirshbaum, Haraldur Ólafsson, Peter F. Sheridan and Ivana Stiperski

Enamel Research: Mechanisms and Characterization, hosted by Bernhard Ganss and Megan K. Pugach

Neurodegeneration: From Genetics to Molecules, hosted by Victoria Campos-Peña, Marco Antonio Meraz-Ríos, Rosalinda Guevara-Guzmán and Karla Guadalupe Carvajal

At the Crossroads: Lessons and Challenges in Computational Social Science, hosted by Javier Borge-Holthoefer, Yamir Moreno and Taha Yasseri

Control of Pestivirus Infections in the Management of Wildlife Populations, hosted by Julia F. Ridpath and Thomas Passler

Matricellular Receptors as Potential Targets in Anti-Cancer Therapeutic Strategies, hosted by Hervé Emonard, Stéphane Dedieu and Laurent Duca

All 3 Types of Glial Cells Are Important for Memory Formation, hosted by Leif Hertz and Ye Chen

At Risk for Neuropsychiatric Disorders: An Affective Neuroscience Approach to Understanding the Spectrum, hosted by Raymond C. K. Chan and Morten L. Kringelbach

Dishonest Behavior: From Theory to Practice, hosted by Guy Hochman, Shahar Ayal and Dan Ariely

CNS Recovery after Structural and/or Physiological/Psychological Damage, hosted by Marie Moftah and Emmanuel Moyse

Challenges to Mean-Based Analysis in Psychology: The Contrast Between Individual People and General Science, hosted by Craig P. Speelman and Marek McGann

Global Change, Clonal Growth, and Biological Invasions by Plants, hosted by Fei-Hai Yu, Sergio R. Roiloa and Peter Alpert

Gut Health: The New Paradigm in Food Animal Production
Gut health and specifically the gut microbiome-host interaction is currently a major research topic across the life sciences.


Gut Health: The New Paradigm in Food Animal Production, hosted by Ryan J. Arsenault and Michael H. Kogut

Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s Disease: The Present and the Future, hosted by Sylvain Lehmann and Charlotte Elisabeth Teunissen

Third-Generation Neuroimaging: Translating Research into Clinical Utility, hosted by André Schmidt and Stefan Borgwardt

Infection and Inflammation: Potential Triggers of Sudden Infant Deaths, hosted by Caroline Blackwell, Amanda Cox and Eugenie Ruth Lumbers

State-of-the-Art Research on C1q and the Classical Complement Pathway, hosted by Uday Kishore, Nicole M. Thielens and Christine Gaboriaud

Wheeled Mobility Biomechanics
For the manual wheelchair user, loss of lower extremity function often places the burden for mobility and activities of daily living on the upper extremities.


Wheeled Mobility Biomechanics, hosted by Philip Santos Requejo and Jill L. McNitt-Gray

Computational Methods for Understanding Complexity: The Use of Formal Methods in Biology, hosted by David A. Rosenblueth

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