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Open Science roundup, 09 December 2016

PubPeer wins closely watched legal battle over anonymous comments

Times Higher Education [subscription required]
Libraries ‘becoming invisible’ to junior scholars

Springer Nature
Over 600 Springer Nature journals commit to new data sharing policies
Why keep the raw data?

Times Higher Education [subscription required]
New PhD students ‘facing shifting landscape on publishing’

Times Higher Education [subscription required]
Career advice: how to lead a research team
How can we measure the ‘interdisciplinarity’ of research?

Senate sends massive biomedical innovation bill to Obama for signing

Retraction Watch
Sleuthing out scientific fraud, pixel by pixel

Scientific American
Trump’s first 100 days: science education and schools

Science Magazine
Congress is poised to back NSF’s approach to research
Asian countries dominate, science teaching criticised in survey

Wall Street Journal
The dividends of funding basic science

The Guardian
Breakthrough prize awards $25m to researchers at ‘Oscars of science’

The Guardian
Robin McKie’s best science books of 2016

New Scientist [registration required]
A state splash on science could bring fortune to Brexit Britain

It’s time to overhaul the secretive peer review process

PLOS Blogs
A PLOS response to open in action with open science

PLOS Blogs
Reproducibility crisis timeline: milestones in tackling research reliability

Science Business
Horizon 2020 needs to work for all EU countries

The Guardian
Mission not yet accomplished on the higher education and research bill

Chronicle of Higher Education
Reconsidering research on primatesReconsidering research on primates

Human behaviour: find your voice

Take the time and effort to correct misinformation

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