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Frontiers in Materials is proud to announce the launch of its newest section – Functional Ceramics. Led by Specialty Chief Editor Sheikh Akbar, professor at the Ohio State University, the section aims to publish high quality articles on the processing, structure and properties of ceramic materials and will encompass the whole spectrum of dimensionalities from nanoparticles to bulk ceramic materials.

Functional Ceramics will cover ground-breaking advances in design, theory and simulation, and multifunctional performance, as well as multidisciplinary and unique processing, and characterization techniques of ceramic materials.

Akbar points to a few the key areas of the section:

“One key area of interest involves work on surface patterning of functional ceramics, using novel and inexpensive process pathways that do not require lithography, instead exploiting intrinsic material properties to create oriented and ordered nanostructures represent a paradigm shift in the field of microelectronics, sensor technology, data storage, biotechnology and semiconductor industry.

There are opportunities for multidisciplinary studies involving characterization of surface/interface structures and characteristics of gas-solid, liquid-solid interaction, and biological cell attachment and proliferation on the patterned structures.

Such studies combined with computer modelling and simulation would aid in the fundamental understanding of the mechanisms allowing process control to create a wide range of nanostructures, as well as to apply the techniques to other technologically important ceramics.”

To read more about Akbar vision for the section, see his Specialty Grand Challenge article here.

Editorial Board

The section’s Associate Editor Board is already composed of the following researchers and scholars:

Rajesh Adhikari, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique.

Samuel Bernard, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

Perena Gouma, Stony Brook University

Vincent G Harris, Northeastern University

Girish Kale, University of Leeds

Kalisadhan Mukherjee, CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute

Praveen Sekhar, Washington State University


If you would like to join the Board of Functional Ceramics as an Associate or Review Editor or if you have any questions concerning our new section, please contact us at

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