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Frontiers in Neurology launches new section – Applied Neuroimaging


We are delighted to announce that Prof. Jan Kassubek will be leading our newest section in Frontiers in Neurology: Applied Neuroimaging.

Prof. Kassubek is the Vice Chairman, Head of Neurophysiology section, as well as Head of the Group for Neuroimaging and the Outpatient Clinic for movement disorders at the Department of Neurology, University of Ulm in Germany.

“Neuroimaging helps to understand how the brain and the other parts of the nervous system work and what structural or functional alterations may be associated with a given clinical presentation of a disease or medical condition”, says Jan Kassubek in his Grand Challenge article: The application of Neuroimaging to Healthy and Diseased Brains: Present and Future“This aspect of clinico-radiological correlations – which is intrinsically tied to neuroanatomy – needs to be addressed both in a clinical and in a neuroscientific context in order to deepen our understanding of what can be visualized by imaging of the nervous system”.

Describing his objective for the specialty section, Prof. Kassubek encourages translational, integrative and multi-disciplinary approaches. The new section will aim at integrating research of both, clinical and neuroscientific grounds with all modalities of neuroimaging in order to be a forum in the promising field of neuroimaging applications to advanced structural and functional mapping of the nervous system. Our technical tools will be recognized as new approaches to the nervous system´s organization during the life span, its pathology in disease, as biological markers, and as a guide in the individualization of patient management and in the design of new interventions to improve clinical outcomes.

We look forward to collaborating with Prof. Kassubek who shares our passion for open access publishing, and constructive and transparent peer reviewing. To participate in the Applied Neuroimaging section you may submit a manuscript, organize a Research Topic or follow us on twitter @FrontNeurol.

Jessica Kandlbauer, PhD, Journal Manager Frontiers in Neurology

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