Frontiers in Psychiatry launches a new section – Psychopharmacology

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new section Psychopharmacology in Frontiers in Psychiatry.


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We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new section Psychopharmacology in Frontiers in Psychiatry.  Psychopharmacology is led by Prof Roberto Ciccocioppo, Head of the International School of Advanced Studies and Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Camerino, Italy.

“Our understanding of brain function, cognition, emotion, and mental illness is advancing rapidly. In a common effort, basic and applied preclinical and clinical research should concentrate energy toward the validation of new pharmacological targets and improve the success rate in drug development in psychiatry”, says Roberto Ciccocioppo in his Grand Challenge article: Grand Challenge in Psychopharmacology: Setting Priorities to Shape a Bright Future

The new section aims to publish articles from all the areas of preclinical and clinical research, including the characterization of novel biological targets and development of new medications. We also welcome studies that contribute to a better understanding of the molecular, genetic and epigenetic basis of psychiatric disorders. Special attention is given to research that covers aspects associated with gender differences in neuropsychiatric pathologies and drug response, a field that is currently neglected given that women represent more than half of the population at a global level.

Our ultimate aim is to contribute to improve human health and to enhance the quality of life by promoting research in psychopharmacology”, says Prof Ciccocioppo, and we look forward to contributing to this goal by publishing high-quality research in our new Psychopharmacology section. To participate in the Psychopharmacology section you may submit a manuscript, organize a Research Topic or follow us on twitter @FrontPsychiatry

Laura E Perlini, PhD, Journal Development Specialist, Frontiers in Psychiatry

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