Frontiers Annual Report 2016 – Another Exciting Year of Growth


Open Science, innovation and inspiration as Frontiers hits new milestones

In the 21st century we face unprecedented challenges as a human race: climate change and its impacts on water, food and the environment, energy systems, population growth, poverty, global inequality and many more. Science is the motor of the world and the more open it is, the more we can innovate, invent, find solutions to these challenges and help to preserve our planet for future generations.

As you will read in our 2016 Annual Report, Frontiers has taken this open science challenge head on, designing a publishing model where science can be disseminated freely, as well as pioneering online technology to make peer-review more transparent, constructive, accountable and efficient.

After just nine years, we are proud at Frontiers to be the 6th largest open-access publisher worldwide, with some of the most cited journals in their fields. In 2016 we passed some remarkable milestones. Overall 56,000 articles have been published since Frontiers began, with more than 15,000 articles published in 2016 alone. There have been 227million article views and downloads from around the world, more than 3600 Research Topics have been organized on interdisciplinary themes, we now have 70,000 editors and 31 Frontiers journals are indexed in the Web of Science.

These are all truly fantastic achievements highlighted along with our 2016 awards and initiatives such as Frontiers for Young Minds – science edited by kids for kids. We hope you enjoy this snapshot of Frontiers’ work, and we look forward to working with all of you in 2017 to keep showing that Open Science works!

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  1. jpicarbajal // March 6, 2017 at 2:50 pm // Reply

    For a social enterprise, the gap that is observed between the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere is surprising (at least)! I guess there is still a lot to do to actually Open-Science. Good job frontiers but do not miss the North (or shall I say the South!)

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