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Frontiers for Young Minds welcomes new Chief Editors for Understanding the Earth and its Resources


Frontiers for Young Minds is proud to announce and would like to give a warm welcome to Mark Brandon and Daniel Kammen who are joining us as Specialty Chief Editors of Understanding the Earth and its Resources.

Mark Brandon joins us from the school of Environment, Earth and Ecosystem Sciences at The Open University , in the United Kingdom. His research focuses on Antarctic polar oceanography, studying the interaction of the ocean with the cryosphere, with cross disciplinary work and using robotic and remote sensing technologies.

Daniel Kammen joins us from the University of California, Berkeley, USA as Professor of the Energy and Resources group, with a focus on directing research on energy supply, transmissions, smart grid and low-carbon energy systems, life-cycle impacts of transportation options, land-use planning, and energy for community development in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Mark and Daniel are joining the team with existing Chief Editor of the section, Berend Smit, welcoming submissions from across the fields of Earth science, energy research, marine science, climate science and environmental science.

Understanding the Earth and its Resources wants to provide the most up-to-date research to the next generation who will live with, and study, these planet-wide questions.

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