The New Frontiers Community Fund: Unique in Academic Publishing


As part of its drive to open science and stimulate collaboration and interaction among researchers, Frontiers is excited to announce a unique, $600,000 Frontiers Community Fund, established to share the benefits of our success with our research communities.

To be granted in 2017, the Frontiers Community Fund will support post-doc travel, conferences, waivers, and other activities. The fund is granted on a field-by-field basis, with Chief Editors themselves deciding how these funds can be best used to support their communities. There are 38 Fields in total that will benefit from the Fund — from our oldest, Neuroscience, to the most recent areas of our editorial activity, such as Sociology.

This unique fund has been made possible thanks to Frontier’s increasingly successful editorial program. Frontier’s Executive Editor, Fred Fenter, says the Frontiers Community Fund aims to get researchers connected: “We are a social enterprise and have always actively supported our editors and authors in a variety of ways. With this new fund we will be more focused and impactful with the grants we provide by following the advice of those who know the communities best — our Editorial Board members.”

The Frontiers Community Fund complements other initiatives to support the open science movement, including the granting of discounts and waivers to ensure that everyone can choose open-access publishing.  More recently, we announced the creation of the Spotlight Award, a $100,000 annual prize recognizing an exceptional and impactful Frontiers Research Topic – a collection of peer-reviewed articles published together on a particular theme of research.

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