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New Specialty Chief Editor for Digital Musicology: Professor Johanna Devaney


We are delighted to welcome Professor Johanna Devaney to the role of Specialty Chief Editor of Digital Musicology, specialty section within Frontiers in Digital Humanities.

Digital Musicology is a relatively young field which encapsulates musicological research engaged with digital technology. Research can be focused on topics such as encoding musical repertoires,  ethnomusicology and music theory. Professor Devaney’s vision for the section is broad, and contributions are welcome that engage not only with Western art music but also non-western art music and popular music from any regional tradition. Furthermore she encourages a dialogue between new and old methods, tools and infrastructures.

Professor Devaney currently serves as Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Cognition at Ohio State University. Her research focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to the study of musical performance and musical similarity, drawing on the disciplines of music, computer science, and psychology.  A linchpin of progress in this field is openness and the sharing of knowledge. She highlights her commitment to “supporting reproducible research – I encourage authors to make their algorithms, implementations and datasets freely available, wherever possible.”

If you would be interested in contributing to this section please contact the editorial office at:

Stay tuned for a discussion with Professor Devaney about her own research and her goals and motivations for the section on Wednesday 26th July.

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